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I'm don't quite grok how the override works. I create a simple panel, the did the "override" option from the context menu. As you can see from my screen shot, it created, from the class MyApp.view.MyPanel an override class MyApp.view.override.MyPanel.
You can't run a separate editor and the Designer at the same time yet.

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As I show in the screen shot, I was thinking that if add my own title attribute this should show up as my panel title when I run it.

Two points of confusion:
1) the title does not change when i run the project
2) when I press save project, my overwrite project change gets overwritten.

Hmmm. I did agree I was an advanced user when I selected this choice. Maybe it found me out and is somehow punishing me.
I believe the above 2 points are simply due to the limitation that you can't edit your override concurrently outside of the designer at the moment.