I'm creating a order window and have another window that is opened to select a product.
In this window, I have a textfield, a button and a GridPanel with PagingToolbar.
When you type a word and click the search button, it executes store.load() passing the textfield value and it shows the search results from server. Everything working so far.

But, when i close the window, through the BeforeClose event, i call store.removeAll(), to clear store data, without getting the data from the previous search for the next time i need to add a product. The records are removed without problems.
The problemis: the number of pages continues on pagingtoolbar, as you can see in the screenshot below. There are no records in the store, but the totalCount property is greater than zero. Curiously, emptyText is displayed.


I've searched the forum and found some threads about. One of them, a person using Ext 4, but there is no solution. See it here.

Any suggestions?
Sorry for my bad english.