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Thread: Ext JS 4.1 RC2 is Now Available

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    Default Ext JS 4.1 RC2 is Now Available

    See the blog post here:

    Download here:

    And to quote:

    As we close in on a 4.1 GA release your feedback is more important than ever so we hope youll take a little time to test RC2 with your apps and let us know how it feels.
    Bugs fixes
    Animation (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5523 - Animation Incorrectly Positions Windows

    Button (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5429 - Button with an icon can not be properly resized.
    • EXTJSIV-5432 - Button icons are clipped at times (varying between browsers)
    • EXTJSIV-5600 - Feed Viewer- Button names are left aligned in Add feed popup

    Charts (20)
    • EXTJSIV-3617 - Rendering issue with stacked column chart without animation
    • EXTJSIV-3783 - Area Chart - Farthest right tick not firing mouse events, showing tooltip, etc.
    • EXTJSIV-4459 - If you try to render a chart in internet explorer 8 and you have animate=true, the markers will render, but lines themselves will never render
    • EXTJSIV-4544 - Charts : Rich Tips - No tool tips are displayed upon mouse hovering on graph nodes for the second time.
    • EXTJSIV-4730 - Combination Examples - Ext JS 3&4 on one page : Issue reloading legends inside Charts
    • EXTJSIV-4779 - Bar Chart does not render correctly when all yField data points are equal
    • EXTJSIV-5007 - Save button in chart examples should display popup panel to confirm save and then save image.
    • EXTJSIV-5024 - Charts: Themed Line Charts: Wrong information shown on mouse hover in simple styling chart
    • EXTJSIV-5360 - Stacked column with two series values incorrect
    • EXTJSIV-5462 - Custom Pie Charts: Browser is forcibly closed when clicked multiple times on Reload Data button
    • EXTJSIV-5474 - Chart - left axis not showing the max value
    • EXTJSIV-5499 - Set width of column charts not working correctly
    • EXTJSIV-5571 - Chart problems with decimals on bottom axis
    • EXTJSIV-5575 - Grouped Bar charts: Incorrect values shown in series labels
    • EXTJSIV-5580 - Charts : Area Charts: Chart "Legends " are not displaying properly in the downloaded files.
    • EXTJSIV-5623 - Column charts displays wrong values/tips when disabling series
    • EXTJSIV-5633 - Charts - Filled Radar charts - Chart is not displaying in Filled Radar chart example
    • EXTJSIV-5655 - Charts- Column Custom Back ground - Save Chart button is not working.
    • EXTJSIV-5670 - Charts - Stacked Bar Charts - Chart is not displaying upon hiding and unhiding the legends in the chart.
    • EXTJSIV-5706 - Line series offset one sample to the left

    Core (11)
    • EXTJSIV-4966 - Global var in Renderable
    • EXTJSIV-5000 - Problems with DOM Id containing colon and DomeQuery.jsSelect with CSS escape notation
    • EXTJSIV-5350 - ItemSelector returns [undefined] when empty
    • EXTJSIV-5444 - onReady Firing Twice
    • EXTJSIV-5460 - FF 3.6's Number.toJSON violates standards. We must programatically encode Numbers.
    • EXTJSIV-5538 - Themes examples has large memory leak when switching themes in IE
    • EXTJSIV-5552 - Thousand separator and decimal separator are wrong for Chinese languages
    • EXTJSIV-5630 - Observable broken for class observation
    • EXTJSIV-5641 - CompositeElementLite: filter method is broken
    • EXTJSIV-5705 - Document Element Mistakenly Garbage Collected
    • EXTJSIV-5765 - Error when loading Ext later than initial page load

    Data (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5224 - Store.removeAll does not remove any prefetched data
    • EXTJSIV-5415 - Store load not triggered when opening ListMenu in FilterFeature
    • EXTJSIV-5508 - Issue with onMetaChange listener and idProperty
    • EXTJSIV-5585 - Sorters are not applied after using FilterBy() method

    DataView (2)
    • EXTJSIV-4854 - LoadMask does not manage its z-index correctly WRT its client Component's z-index.
    • EXTJSIV-5667 - Nested data is unavailable to templates in DataView

    Documentation (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5069 - Ext.grid.feature.Grouping docs need to be clearer
    • EXTJSIV-5553 - Miscellaneous: History - Page is redirecting to Home page when click on "History" Example
    • EXTJSIV-5584 - Ext.Array.toArray end parameter incorrectly documented
    • EXTJSIV-5745 - Grid Grouping collapse() is private, when it should be public

    Draw (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2097 - viewbox: true ignores padding
    • EXTJSIV-5078 - Missing scale/scaling support in

    Events (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5194 - Card layout does not fire activate on initial view
    • EXTJSIV-5271 - ComponentQuery "is" method fails if selector contains a comma

    Examples (9)
    • EXTJSIV-1146 - Editor Grid Example: Clicking from Common Name in an editor to Light doesn't invoke an editor
    • EXTJSIV-4136 - Portal demo :Unable to close the portlets in a specific scenario.
    • EXTJSIV-4533 - Combination Examples : Kitchen Sink : Tabs : Titled Tab Panels: Not displaying complete text in with frame:true Panel
    • EXTJSIV-5529 - Combination Examples : Image Viewer : Tool tip is stretched while trying to drag more than one image
    • EXTJSIV-5614 - Combination Examples : Theme viewer : By default Slider values are displaying behind the resizable handles.
    • EXTJSIV-5617 - Combination Examples : Image Viewer: By default Albums should display with expand and collapse ("+", "-") buttons when user drag and drop the files in to the albums.
    • EXTJSIV-5650 - Example - Nested Loading shows a blank page
    • EXTJSIV-5666 - PageAnalyzer hangs when loading pages (busy-spin)
    • EXTJSIV-5769 - Combinatiion Examples - Ext JS Calender Sample- "Delete Button " is Missing on Edit Event dialog

    Forms (15)
    • EXTJSIV-4911 - Resizers on TextFields do not always work properly
    • EXTJSIV-4940 - Ext.form.TimeField class contained typeAhead, later releases the Ext.form.field.Time class this functionality is missing
    • EXTJSIV-5433 - ChekboxGroup with all fixed width columns does not width the columns correctly.
    • EXTJSIV-5439 - Hover icon changes to select when combo editor is disabled.
    • EXTJSIV-5530 - Forms- Dynamic forms- Field headers and borders are not displaying properly.
    • EXTJSIV-5557 - trackResetOnLoad has no affect on radiogroup after loadrecord()
    • EXTJSIV-5567 - allowBlank not part of the default labelableRenderProps
    • EXTJSIV-5570 - HtmlEditor: Tab and Enter presses aren't being correctly handled in readOnly state
    • EXTJSIV-5578 - Forms File Upload Field Button names are truncated in IE 7
    • EXTJSIV-5618 - Forms Custom Form Field: Search text is not deleting upon clicking on cross button(X)
    • EXTJSIV-5634 - Forms - Shopping Chart Checkout- Text boxes and label captions are disappearing after uncheck and check Same as Mailing Address checkbox
    • EXTJSIV-5643 - Forms : Checkbox/ Radio Groups : Contents under the Radio groups are not aligned properly.
    • EXTJSIV-5651 - Checkbox Focus Class Malformed
    • EXTJSIV-5703 - Selected form component/editor loses focus if grid in edit mode
    • EXTJSIV-5712 - Forms Checkout Form Text alignment is disturbed for payment radio buttons

    Grid (31)
    • EXTJSIV-1679 - Extra padding seen in grid for IE 6 & 7 versus all other browsers
    • EXTJSIV-3766 - Not possible to set 'cursor' attribute on a Column chart series
    • EXTJSIV-3998 - Vertical scrollbar doesn't appear when it should when using Row Expander plugin
    • EXTJSIV-4189 - Field used as an editor in a Grid will fire change event when the field's value is initially set
    • EXTJSIV-4371 - Grid Plugin Example: Bug in RowWrap. Hidden columns are not being hidden in data.
    • EXTJSIV-4564 - Lockable grid does not register features
    • EXTJSIV-5003 - Cell editor does not always work correctly with locked grid
    • EXTJSIV-5151 - Unwanted sortchange and resize events on gridcolumns
    • EXTJSIV-5169 - hide/show causes error when using a table layout
    • EXTJSIV-5251 - Can't theme height of grid rows
    • EXTJSIV-5303 - Remote filtering doesn't work quite right with infinite scrolling.
    • EXTJSIV-5313 - injectCheckbox:false prevents check rendering in data rows
    • EXTJSIV-5323 - grid.RowEditing plugin: error tooltip's arrow is misplaced on 1st show
    • EXTJSIV-5324 - Missing grid loadMask on first load
    • EXTJSIV-5348 - Error when using buffered grid + locking columns
    • EXTJSIV-5349 - Can not control the style emptyText displayed in the grid. Need x-grid-empty support
    • EXTJSIV-5397 - Problem setting grid column filters programmatically.
    • EXTJSIV-5398 - CellEditing plugin+textfield editor doesn't completeEdit on header click.
    • EXTJSIV-5404 - Grids : RESTful Store with GridPanel and RowEditor : Not able to add rows with data to the grid in a particular scenario
    • EXTJSIV-5510 - Scrollbar in a grid defined with no header overlaps the grid row
    • EXTJSIV-5531 - Grids: Grid with Locking Capability -The browser session is get killed once all the unlock columns are changed as lock columns
    • EXTJSIV-5573 - Using loadingHeight keeps grid at loading height, doesn't recalculate after load complete.
    • EXTJSIV-5576 - groupgrid is not showing properly in beta3
    • EXTJSIV-5581 - Grid Live Search Grid : Find Previous Row [<] button is truncated
    • EXTJSIV-5586 - Store remote filtering doesn't work with infinite scrolling.
    • EXTJSIV-5598 - Grid Row Editing- Displaying Js Error when click on add Employee button or double click on any row in the grid
    • EXTJSIV-5599 - Grids- Infinite Scroll Grid- All the topic links are changing to visited state if single topic link is visited / clicked
    • EXTJSIV-5616 - Grid- Infinite Scrolling Grid - Sort Ascending / Sort Descending is not working for Author field
    • EXTJSIV-5707 - CellEditing plugin needs to be more robust in case intervening listeners delete the targeted record.
    • EXTJSIV-5717 - Grids Custom Grid Filters Displaying JS error while mouse hovering on filters option from Size column header drop down
    • EXTJSIV-5739 - Grids : Grid Plugins : Collapse button '-' is moving to middle of the row, while the row is expanded

    Layouts (15)
    • EXTJSIV-4751 - Layout issues in application upon clicking on one of the results in the grid.
    • EXTJSIV-5182 - Toolbar layout is unexpected after first render
    • EXTJSIV-5270 - Problem using table layout in center panel of a border layout
    • EXTJSIV-5274 - Margin with fit layout and shrink wrap
    • EXTJSIV-5318 - Layout Managers : Border Layout : "South Eastern" panel's UI is disturbed when collapsed and expanded the "South" panel
    • EXTJSIV-5320 - Anchor Layout on a window, the title bar is rolled up into a circular header.
    • EXTJSIV-5435 - Box layout interferes with layout of shrinkwrap items
    • EXTJSIV-5455 - Configured placeholder for border region not respected
    • EXTJSIV-5551 - Hbox layout doesn't recalculate height when align=stretchmax is set
    • EXTJSIV-5589 - Container with vbox layout with minHeight set will not grow past minHeight when auto sized children added to this container
    • EXTJSIV-5665 - Wrong priority of 'flex' vs fixed size in h/vbox layouts
    • EXTJSIV-5679 - Hbox does not stretch vertically in a specific configuration
    • EXTJSIV-5711 - Layout Browser Custom layouts. Center incorrect to the specification defined for Inner centered Panel width
    • EXTJSIV-5724 - Layout Failure for Collapsed Fieldsets
    • EXTJSIV-5753 - Layout Managers: Table Layout : Blank page when resizing the browser in IE Quirks

    MVC (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2311 - Verify the focus on the tabs when user click on open all button
    • EXTJSIV-2312 - Verify the tabs display when user click's on open all button.

    Menu (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5689 - Large menus don't constrain to viewport

    Misc (65)
    • EXTJSIV-3782 - MVC Feed Viewer - Load mask appears when switching feeds even if not viewing the feed tab
    • EXTJSIV-3943 - Keyboard Feed Viewer - Highlighted color is not displaying correctly in IE 6
    • EXTJSIV-3990 - Editor - Label captions are overlapping on the text fields when long label caption is entered without any space.
    • EXTJSIV-4022 - Add "refresh" event to Store to match "datachanged" in v3
    • EXTJSIV-4123 - Ext.Array.from() with function gives empty array
    • EXTJSIV-4125 - getNode return wrong record after add new record
    • EXTJSIV-4171 - User details - Drop down items are displaying at the top of the page when double-click on the Editor panel
    • EXTJSIV-4175 - Button doesn't have proper markup or styling in IE in sandbox mode
    • EXTJSIV-4288 - Grid row selection is cleared after store sync.
    • EXTJSIV-4397 - Drag Drop Manager doesn't select correct drop target
    • EXTJSIV-4419 - MessageBox doesn't fire callback when top-right close button clicked
    • EXTJSIV-4426 - Problem with column header grouping at level 3. Columns can not be hidden.
    • EXTJSIV-4455 - App freezes when an incorrect query is passed to
    • EXTJSIV-4555 - Loading the Finnish locale file will crash an application using
    • EXTJSIV-4594 - Transform of combo does not use configured store
    • EXTJSIV-4602 - Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes
    • EXTJSIV-4845 - Vml Draw/Sprite images not using X/Y offset in Vml
    • EXTJSIV-4847 - Ext.Loader doesn't recognize files that are not under /app
    • EXTJSIV-4953 - Localization(dynamic) : Displaying JS error upon selecting "Hebrew" from the Language selector.
    • EXTJSIV-4955 - Checkboxgroups W/ More Columns Than Checkboxes Throws JS Error
    • EXTJSIV-4956 - Creating A Checkbox Group /w Hidden Field Throws JS Error
    • EXTJSIV-5103 - Bug with Implicit Model / Store / MixedCollection / Proxy
    • EXTJSIV-5138 - Reader needs to read records even when success:false
    • EXTJSIV-5233 - Combination Examples : Ext JS Calendar : Displaying JS error while upon click and hold the mouse on day event matrix.
    • EXTJSIV-5247 - Border of child hidden if border of container is hidden
    • EXTJSIV-5383 - Using two panels for both drag and drop fails
    • EXTJSIV-5441 - Viewport with a configured height width sets the height and width on the document body causing the viewport to not fit the browser window in firefox quirks mode
    • EXTJSIV-5468 - Loading indicator still visible with panel collapsed
    • EXTJSIV-5490 - Possible bug when grouping by a template column in a grid
    • EXTJSIV-5497 - Bug when centering components in vbox/hbox layouts
    • EXTJSIV-5506 - Datepicker displays Invalid date format when chinese or japanese localization applied
    • EXTJSIV-5513 - Miscellaneous : Editor : Displaying JS error upon double clicking on text labels
    • EXTJSIV-5522 - Ext.String.htmlDecode / Ext.String.htmlEncode should operate on a larger set of characters/entities
    • EXTJSIV-5537 - Ext.form.DateField returns incorrect value when localized
    • EXTJSIV-5546 - dirtyCls style not applied to slider field
    • EXTJSIV-5559 - Ghost image while dragging a panel
    • EXTJSIV-5564 - All Date pickers: Not able to select date from date picker by using key board navigation keys, in all examples
    • EXTJSIV-5566 - ComponentLoader should suspend layouts when adding/removing items
    • EXTJSIV-5568 - ToolbarDroppable.calculateEntryIndex gets wrong index
    • EXTJSIV-5572 - Issue with listeners for the store.load() event
    • EXTJSIV-5583 - Accessibility : Binding Grid to a form : Month and Today button names are truncated in IE 7
    • EXTJSIV-5610 - Web Desktop - Displaying Js Error upon double clicking close button of Accordion Window.
    • EXTJSIV-5631 - Combination Examples - Portal Demo - Graph is not displaying in Stock Portlet
    • EXTJSIV-5635 - Grids:Column swapping disturb the data in the Grid
    • EXTJSIV-5645 - Bug when collapsing the only panel in an accordion layout.
    • EXTJSIV-5652 - Toolbar that contains the error in datefield
    • EXTJSIV-5661 - Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes
    • EXTJSIV-5663 - Global leak in injectLockable
    • EXTJSIV-5669 - Grids :Grouping with Remote Summary -The data in the grid get disturb while checking the Project column
    • EXTJSIV-5671 - Combination examples: Kitchensink: Locking grid: lock/unlock options in the drop-down menu seen only first time.
    • EXTJSIV-5685 - Grouping Feature error after remote data update.
    • EXTJSIV-5687 - Ext.core.DomHelper overwrite only accepts DOM elements not Ext.Element instances
    • EXTJSIV-5693 - Setting initially active tab using a string ID caused JS error.
    • EXTJSIV-5696 - Return false on Tab beforeactivate not handled properly
    • EXTJSIV-5698 - Drag/Drop Information Box hides in Ext.Window
    • EXTJSIV-5710 - Grids :All Grids :The data under the columns get disturb while checking and un-checking the columns.
    • EXTJSIV-5714 - Strange behaviour of DatePicker placing in Panel with vbox layout.
    • EXTJSIV-5718 - Toolbars and Menus:Basic Toolbar: The page UI get disturb while mouse over on Choose a Date.
    • EXTJSIV-5730 - Charts dont fire click/dblclick events
    • EXTJSIV-5732 - Simple Tasks : Text Editor is displaying in the task list panel.
    • EXTJSIV-5737 - Simple Task - Creation of New Folder/New List is displaying in wrong location
    • EXTJSIV-5740 - Validation error message tool tip has truncated height
    • EXTJSIV-5751 - Layout problems in PortalPanel with an anchor layout
    • EXTJSIV-5768 - Combo Box - ComboBox Templates - Search results are disappearing on double clicking page next icon on pagination panel.
    • EXTJSIV-5773 - Misc- Quick tips - Displaying JS error upon click on Rich Content Tooltip link after mouse hover on Anchor right, rich content button under callout Tip

    Panel (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5149 - "mini" collapseMode in border layout doesn't seem to work
    • EXTJSIV-5312 - Ext.form.Panel.getValues() does not respect isDirty argument
    • EXTJSIV-5445 - Panels with html are 2px too high in IE quirks
    • EXTJSIV-5505 - Corners of framed headers don't display correctly in old IE

    Tabs (4)
    • EXTJSIV-4178 - Positioning problem when using TabPanel and a custom stylesheet
    • EXTJSIV-5315 - Closing a tab moves to the first tab rather than going to the previous tab
    • EXTJSIV-5448 - Tab icon is cut off in IE8 strict and IE9 strict
    • EXTJSIV-5613 - Tabs - Advance Tab - All tabs are closing when closable check box is selected from submenu

    Theme (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5542 - Hard coded value in variables/_grid.scss
    • EXTJSIV-5547 - Some values are hard-coded values in the SASS files
    • EXTJSIV-5590 - Opacity is compounding for components in a deeply nested disabled container

    ToolTips (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5408 - Show delay not always working for qtips in tree grid

    Toolbars (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5742 - Toolbars and Menus : Basic Toolbar : Top and Bottom arrows are not displaying when click on the scrolling menu button for the second time.

    Tree (7)
    • EXTJSIV-1887 - Tree does not allow horizontal scrolling
    • EXTJSIV-3935 - TreeStore doesn't allow root property to be an object path
    • EXTJSIV-4437 - BorderLayout accordion region has buggy expand/collapse behavior when floated
    • EXTJSIV-4476 - NodeInterface can lose dirty state and fail to send batched updates
    • EXTJSIV-4815 - Trees : Drag and Drop reordering : After clicking on 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' tree is not behaving as expected.
    • EXTJSIV-5219 - Problem whith TreeGrid node (greater than 600 leafs)
    • EXTJSIV-5387 - Trees : Drag and Drop Reordering: Expand All button is not responding for the second time.

    Window (4)
    • EXTJSIV-1732 - Hiding the progress dialog window while it is being dragged breaks draggability
    • EXTJSIV-5310 - Window position changes when resized
    • EXTJSIV-5507 - Drag and drop on overlapped windows fires events in both windows
    • EXTJSIV-5608 - zIndex is wrong for floated windows

    Known Issues
    Animation (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5487 - accordion animation doesn't always complete if you click frequently

    Button (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4768 - Layout Managers - Border Layout: "Center" layout and "Splitter above me" layouts are overlapping when clicking three times on "Add Region" button.

    Charts (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5108 - can't create label for type area series
    • EXTJSIV-5657 - Charts : Grouped Bar : Displaying Js error upon clicking on "Legends" in the "grouped bar" chart on IE9

    Core (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4942 - Element#tgetWidth() returns an incorrect result for naturally widthed absolutely positioned elements in some cases.

    Data (4)
    • EXTJSIV-3316 - Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature cannot restore state
    • EXTJSIV-4319 - Use a parameter other than 'id' for server calls
    • EXTJSIV-4335 - Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
    • EXTJSIV-4372 - Grid Filtering Example: Bug with database return packet

    Documentation (3)
    • EXTJSIV-4296 - Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch Docs examples fail on Chromebook, can't use Example viewer, ReferenceError: Ext is not defined
    • EXTJSIV-5148 - Ext.selection.Model documentation bug
    • EXTJSIV-5156 - Update documentation that fields (id,text,leaf) are expected

    Examples (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4951 - ToolBars and Menus : Basic Tool Bar : All States are not displaying in the combo box once the state is selected in the "Button w/ Menu" through key board .

    Forms (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2081 - Issue with "Bullet list" in the form widget editor
    • EXTJSIV-2425 - HTMLEditor corrupted when changing background color of selection

    Grid (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5595 - Last selected row maintains selection after unchecked on column sort
    • EXTJSIV-5607 - Grid: getEditorParent is ignored - nested cell editing is not possible
    • EXTJSIV-5776 - Bug relating to a stateful grid with a checkbox selection mode - in applyColumnsState function

    Layouts (1)
    • EXTJSIV-3704 - Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong children margins if using CSS rules

    Misc (12)
    • EXTJSIV-3932 - not implemented in IE8
    • EXTJSIV-4091 - Grid filters: initial value can be set, but it is not applied
    • EXTJSIV-4421 - x-tab-top-over never inserted into any element
    • EXTJSIV-4545 - Kitchen Sink - Basic Tabs : By default tab headers are not displaying in Basic tabs.
    • EXTJSIV-4873 - Errors calling add method in a checkboxgroup
    • EXTJSIV-4937 - Combination Examples : Web Desktop : Notepad : Displaying errors in error console upon double clicking on empty space in the note pad.
    • EXTJSIV-4954 - Store Grouping Not Cleared Properly
    • EXTJSIV-5075 -  NodeInterface "deep" copy only copies a single level
    • EXTJSIV-5125 - FiltersFeature - Updating column header class when using a column group
    • EXTJSIV-5130 - Neptune theme missing resources
    • EXTJSIV-5254 -  HTMLEditor.insertAtCursor issues in "Source Edit"; mode
    • EXTJSIV-5484 - Ext.form.field.File buttons don't get the mouse over effect that buttons do

    Panel (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5488 - Panel collapse/expand behavior not as expected when called on hidden panel
    • EXTJSIV-5489 - preventHeader not honored when panel is programmatically collapsed.
    • EXTJSIV-5544 - Intermittent issue with collapseOnDblClick set to true on IE
    • EXTJSIV-5716 - Panels with min/max constraints misbehave in a box layout with stretchmax

    Tabs (1)
    • EXTJSIV-3625 - TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable

    Theme (2)
    • EXTJSIV-3712 - 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
    • EXTJSIV-5764 - Theme slicer requires new build of SDK Tools

    Tree (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4243 - Synchronous loading fails if async loading of same class is on going
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    Updated, looks ok, although the change to the disabled style quite a big change. Think I like it though, but not sure it'll be universal.

    Still next to useless without an SDK that can slice images, and yes, I know I keep banging on about it, but it's absolutely crucial to our business here!

    EXTJSIV-5764 - Theme slicer requires new build of SDK Tools
    Hmm, yes, exactly!
    Out of interest, does the Mac version work, or Linux?
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    I also need the SDK, but for linux.

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    SDK Beta 2 link for those interested:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordprefect View Post
    SDK Beta 2 link for those interested:
    Thanks, but the slicer in that version doesn't appear to do anything :/
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    Hi, good mornig. Could anyone help me please? why I have this error in version EXTJS 4.2.1: "Invalid ComponentQuery selector: menucheckitem". It wasnt repaired in version Ext JS 4.1 RC2 ? Is the same issue: "EXTJSIV-5271 - ComponentQuery "is" method fails if selector contains a comma". Thanks a lot. Regards.

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