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Thread: Ext JS 4.1 RC2 is Now Available

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    Default Ext JS 4.1 RC2 is Now Available

    See the blog post here:

    Download here:

    And to quote:

    As we close in on a 4.1 GA release your feedback is more important than ever so we hope youll take a little time to test RC2 with your apps and let us know how it feels.
    Bugs fixes
    Animation (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5523 - Animation Incorrectly Positions Windows

    Button (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5429 - Button with an icon can not be properly resized.
    • EXTJSIV-5432 - Button icons are clipped at times (varying between browsers)
    • EXTJSIV-5600 - Feed Viewer- Button names are left aligned in Add feed popup

    Charts (20)
    • EXTJSIV-3617 - Rendering issue with stacked column chart without animation
    • EXTJSIV-3783 - Area Chart - Farthest right tick not firing mouse events, showing tooltip, etc.
    • EXTJSIV-4459 - If you try to render a chart in internet explorer 8 and you have animate=true, the markers will render, but lines themselves will never render
    • EXTJSIV-4544 - Charts : Rich Tips - No tool tips are displayed upon mouse hovering on graph nodes for the second time.
    • EXTJSIV-4730 - Combination Examples - Ext JS 3&4 on one page : Issue reloading legends inside Charts
    • EXTJSIV-4779 - Bar Chart does not render correctly when all yField data points are equal
    • EXTJSIV-5007 - Save button in chart examples should display popup panel to confirm save and then save image.
    • EXTJSIV-5024 - Charts: Themed Line Charts: Wrong information shown on mouse hover in simple styling chart
    • EXTJSIV-5360 - Stacked column with two series values incorrect
    • EXTJSIV-5462 - Custom Pie Charts: Browser is forcibly closed when clicked multiple times on Reload Data button
    • EXTJSIV-5474 - Chart - left axis not showing the max value
    • EXTJSIV-5499 - Set width of column charts not working correctly
    • EXTJSIV-5571 - Chart problems with decimals on bottom axis
    • EXTJSIV-5575 - Grouped Bar charts: Incorrect values shown in series labels
    • EXTJSIV-5580 - Charts : Area Charts: Chart "Legends " are not displaying properly in the downloaded files.
    • EXTJSIV-5623 - Column charts displays wrong values/tips when disabling series
    • EXTJSIV-5633 - Charts - Filled Radar charts - Chart is not displaying in Filled Radar chart example
    • EXTJSIV-5655 - Charts- Column Custom Back ground - Save Chart button is not working.
    • EXTJSIV-5670 - Charts - Stacked Bar Charts - Chart is not displaying upon hiding and unhiding the legends in the chart.
    • EXTJSIV-5706 - Line series offset one sample to the left

    Core (11)
    • EXTJSIV-4966 - Global var in Renderable
    • EXTJSIV-5000 - Problems with DOM Id containing colon and DomeQuery.jsSelect with CSS escape notation
    • EXTJSIV-5350 - ItemSelector returns [undefined] when empty
    • EXTJSIV-5444 - onReady Firing Twice
    • EXTJSIV-5460 - FF 3.6's Number.toJSON violates standards. We must programatically encode Numbers.
    • EXTJSIV-5538 - Themes examples has large memory leak when switching themes in IE
    • EXTJSIV-5552 - Thousand separator and decimal separator are wrong for Chinese languages
    • EXTJSIV-5630 - Observable broken for class observation
    • EXTJSIV-5641 - CompositeElementLite: filter method is broken
    • EXTJSIV-5705 - Document Element Mistakenly Garbage Collected
    • EXTJSIV-5765 - Error when loading Ext later than initial page load

    Data (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5224 - Store.removeAll does not remove any prefetched data
    • EXTJSIV-5415 - Store load not triggered when opening ListMenu in FilterFeature
    • EXTJSIV-5508 - Issue with onMetaChange listener and idProperty
    • EXTJSIV-5585 - Sorters are not applied after using FilterBy() method

    DataView (2)
    • EXTJSIV-4854 - LoadMask does not manage its z-index correctly WRT its client Component's z-index.
    • EXTJSIV-5667 - Nested data is unavailable to templates in DataView

    Documentation (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5069 - Ext.grid.feature.Grouping docs need to be clearer
    • EXTJSIV-5553 - Miscellaneous: History - Page is redirecting to Home page when click on "History" Example
    • EXTJSIV-5584 - Ext.Array.toArray end parameter incorrectly documented
    • EXTJSIV-5745 - Grid Grouping collapse() is private, when it should be public

    Draw (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2097 - viewbox: true ignores padding
    • EXTJSIV-5078 - Missing scale/scaling support in

    Events (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5194 - Card layout does not fire activate on initial view
    • EXTJSIV-5271 - ComponentQuery "is" method fails if selector contains a comma

    Examples (9)
    • EXTJSIV-1146 - Editor Grid Example: Clicking from Common Name in an editor to Light doesn't invoke an editor
    • EXTJSIV-4136 - Portal demo :Unable to close the portlets in a specific scenario.
    • EXTJSIV-4533 - Combination Examples : Kitchen Sink : Tabs : Titled Tab Panels: Not displaying complete text in with frame:true Panel
    • EXTJSIV-5529 - Combination Examples : Image Viewer : Tool tip is stretched while trying to drag more than one image
    • EXTJSIV-5614 - Combination Examples : Theme viewer : By default Slider values are displaying behind the resizable handles.
    • EXTJSIV-5617 - Combination Examples : Image Viewer: By default Albums should display with expand and collapse ("+", "-") buttons when user drag and drop the files in to the albums.
    • EXTJSIV-5650 - Example - Nested Loading shows a blank page
    • EXTJSIV-5666 - PageAnalyzer hangs when loading pages (busy-spin)
    • EXTJSIV-5769 - Combinatiion Examples - Ext JS Calender Sample- "Delete Button " is Missing on Edit Event dialog

    Forms (15)
    • EXTJSIV-4911 - Resizers on TextFields do not always work properly
    • EXTJSIV-4940 - Ext.form.TimeField class contained typeAhead, later releases the Ext.form.field.Time class this functionality is missing
    • EXTJSIV-5433 - ChekboxGroup with all fixed width columns does not width the columns correctly.
    • EXTJSIV-5439 - Hover icon changes to select when combo editor is disabled.
    • EXTJSIV-5530 - Forms- Dynamic forms- Field headers and borders are not displaying properly.
    • EXTJSIV-5557 - trackResetOnLoad has no affect on radiogroup after loadrecord()
    • EXTJSIV-5567 - allowBlank not part of the default labelableRenderProps
    • EXTJSIV-5570 - HtmlEditor: Tab and Enter presses aren't being correctly handled in readOnly state
    • EXTJSIV-5578 - Forms File Upload Field Button names are truncated in IE 7
    • EXTJSIV-5618 - Forms Custom Form Field: Search text is not deleting upon clicking on cross button(X)
    • EXTJSIV-5634 - Forms - Shopping Chart Checkout- Text boxes and label captions are disappearing after uncheck and check Same as Mailing Address checkbox
    • EXTJSIV-5643 - Forms : Checkbox/ Radio Groups : Contents under the Radio groups are not aligned properly.
    • EXTJSIV-5651 - Checkbox Focus Class Malformed
    • EXTJSIV-5703 - Selected form component/editor loses focus if grid in edit mode
    • EXTJSIV-5712 - Forms Checkout Form Text alignment is disturbed for payment radio buttons

    Grid (31)
    • EXTJSIV-1679 - Extra padding seen in grid for IE 6 & 7 versus all other browsers
    • EXTJSIV-3766 - Not possible to set 'cursor' attribute on a Column chart series
    • EXTJSIV-3998 - Vertical scrollbar doesn't appear when it should when using Row Expander plugin
    • EXTJSIV-4189 - Field used as an editor in a Grid will fire change event when the field's value is initially set
    • EXTJSIV-4371 - Grid Plugin Example: Bug in RowWrap. Hidden columns are not being hidden in data.
    • EXTJSIV-4564 - Lockable grid does not register features
    • EXTJSIV-5003 - Cell editor does not always work correctly with locked grid
    • EXTJSIV-5151 - Unwanted sortchange and resize events on gridcolumns
    • EXTJSIV-5169 - hide/show causes error when using a table layout
    • EXTJSIV-5251 - Can't theme height of grid rows
    • EXTJSIV-5303 - Remote filtering doesn't work quite right with infinite scrolling.
    • EXTJSIV-5313 - injectCheckbox:false prevents check rendering in data rows
    • EXTJSIV-5323 - grid.RowEditing plugin: error tooltip's arrow is misplaced on 1st show
    • EXTJSIV-5324 - Missing grid loadMask on first load
    • EXTJSIV-5348 - Error when using buffered grid + locking columns
    • EXTJSIV-5349 - Can not control the style emptyText displayed in the grid. Need x-grid-empty support
    • EXTJSIV-5397 - Problem setting grid column filters programmatically.
    • EXTJSIV-5398 - CellEditing plugin+textfield editor doesn't completeEdit on header click.
    • EXTJSIV-5404 - Grids : RESTful Store with GridPanel and RowEditor : Not able to add rows with data to the grid in a particular scenario
    • EXTJSIV-5510 - Scrollbar in a grid defined with no header overlaps the grid row
    • EXTJSIV-5531 - Grids: Grid with Locking Capability -The browser session is get killed once all the unlock columns are changed as lock columns
    • EXTJSIV-5573 - Using loadingHeight keeps grid at loading height, doesn't recalculate after load complete.
    • EXTJSIV-5576 - groupgrid is not showing properly in beta3
    • EXTJSIV-5581 - Grid Live Search Grid : Find Previous Row [<] button is truncated
    • EXTJSIV-5586 - Store remote filtering doesn't work with infinite scrolling.
    • EXTJSIV-5598 - Grid Row Editing- Displaying Js Error when click on add Employee button or double click on any row in the grid
    • EXTJSIV-5599 - Grids- Infinite Scroll Grid- All the topic links are changing to visited state if single topic link is visited / clicked
    • EXTJSIV-5616 - Grid- Infinite Scrolling Grid - Sort Ascending / Sort Descending is not working for Author field
    • EXTJSIV-5707 - CellEditing plugin needs to be more robust in case intervening listeners delete the targeted record.
    • EXTJSIV-5717 - Grids Custom Grid Filters Displaying JS error while mouse hovering on filters option from Size column header drop down
    • EXTJSIV-5739 - Grids : Grid Plugins : Collapse button '-' is moving to middle of the row, while the row is expanded

    Layouts (15)
    • EXTJSIV-4751 - Layout issues in application upon clicking on one of the results in the grid.
    • EXTJSIV-5182 - Toolbar layout is unexpected after first render
    • EXTJSIV-5270 - Problem using table layout in center panel of a border layout
    • EXTJSIV-5274 - Margin with fit layout and shrink wrap
    • EXTJSIV-5318 - Layout Managers : Border Layout : "South Eastern" panel's UI is disturbed when collapsed and expanded the "South" panel
    • EXTJSIV-5320 - Anchor Layout on a window, the title bar is rolled up into a circular header.
    • EXTJSIV-5435 - Box layout interferes with layout of shrinkwrap items
    • EXTJSIV-5455 - Configured placeholder for border region not respected
    • EXTJSIV-5551 - Hbox layout doesn't recalculate height when align=stretchmax is set
    • EXTJSIV-5589 - Container with vbox layout with minHeight set will not grow past minHeight when auto sized children added to this container
    • EXTJSIV-5665 - Wrong priority of 'flex' vs fixed size in h/vbox layouts
    • EXTJSIV-5679 - Hbox does not stretch vertically in a specific configuration
    • EXTJSIV-5711 - Layout Browser Custom layouts. Center incorrect to the specification defined for Inner centered Panel width
    • EXTJSIV-5724 - Layout Failure for Collapsed Fieldsets
    • EXTJSIV-5753 - Layout Managers: Table Layout : Blank page when resizing the browser in IE Quirks

    MVC (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2311 - Verify the focus on the tabs when user click on open all button
    • EXTJSIV-2312 - Verify the tabs display when user click's on open all button.

    Menu (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5689 - Large menus don't constrain to viewport

    Misc (65)
    • EXTJSIV-3782 - MVC Feed Viewer - Load mask appears when switching feeds even if not viewing the feed tab
    • EXTJSIV-3943 - Keyboard Feed Viewer - Highlighted color is not displaying correctly in IE 6
    • EXTJSIV-3990 - Editor - Label captions are overlapping on the text fields when long label caption is entered without any space.
    • EXTJSIV-4022 - Add "refresh" event to Store to match "datachanged" in v3
    • EXTJSIV-4123 - Ext.Array.from() with function gives empty array
    • EXTJSIV-4125 - getNode return wrong record after add new record
    • EXTJSIV-4171 - User details - Drop down items are displaying at the top of the page when double-click on the Editor panel
    • EXTJSIV-4175 - Button doesn't have proper markup or styling in IE in sandbox mode
    • EXTJSIV-4288 - Grid row selection is cleared after store sync.
    • EXTJSIV-4397 - Drag Drop Manager doesn't select correct drop target
    • EXTJSIV-4419 - MessageBox doesn't fire callback when top-right close button clicked
    • EXTJSIV-4426 - Problem with column header grouping at level 3. Columns can not be hidden.
    • EXTJSIV-4455 - App freezes when an incorrect query is passed to
    • EXTJSIV-4555 - Loading the Finnish locale file will crash an application using
    • EXTJSIV-4594 - Transform of combo does not use configured store
    • EXTJSIV-4602 - Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes
    • EXTJSIV-4845 - Vml Draw/Sprite images not using X/Y offset in Vml
    • EXTJSIV-4847 - Ext.Loader doesn't recognize files that are not under /app
    • EXTJSIV-4953 - Localization(dynamic) : Displaying JS error upon selecting "Hebrew" from the Language selector.
    • EXTJSIV-4955 - Checkboxgroups W/ More Columns Than Checkboxes Throws JS Error
    • EXTJSIV-4956 - Creating A Checkbox Group /w Hidden Field Throws JS Error
    • EXTJSIV-5103 - Bug with Implicit Model / Store / MixedCollection / Proxy
    • EXTJSIV-5138 - Reader needs to read records even when success:false
    • EXTJSIV-5233 - Combination Examples : Ext JS Calendar : Displaying JS error while upon click and hold the mouse on day event matrix.
    • EXTJSIV-5247 - Border of child hidden if border of container is hidden
    • EXTJSIV-5383 - Using two panels for both drag and drop fails
    • EXTJSIV-5441 - Viewport with a configured height width sets the height and width on the document body causing the viewport to not fit the browser window in firefox quirks mode
    • EXTJSIV-5468 - Loading indicator still visible with panel collapsed
    • EXTJSIV-5490 - Possible bug when grouping by a template column in a grid
    • EXTJSIV-5497 - Bug when centering components in vbox/hbox layouts
    • EXTJSIV-5506 - Datepicker displays Invalid date format when chinese or japanese localization applied
    • EXTJSIV-5513 - Miscellaneous : Editor : Displaying JS error upon double clicking on text labels
    • EXTJSIV-5522 - Ext.String.htmlDecode / Ext.String.htmlEncode should operate on a larger set of characters/entities
    • EXTJSIV-5537 - Ext.form.DateField returns incorrect value when localized
    • EXTJSIV-5546 - dirtyCls style not applied to slider field
    • EXTJSIV-5559 - Ghost image while dragging a panel
    • EXTJSIV-5564 - All Date pickers: Not able to select date from date picker by using key board navigation keys, in all examples
    • EXTJSIV-5566 - ComponentLoader should suspend layouts when adding/removing items
    • EXTJSIV-5568 - ToolbarDroppable.calculateEntryIndex gets wrong index
    • EXTJSIV-5572 - Issue with listeners for the store.load() event
    • EXTJSIV-5583 - Accessibility : Binding Grid to a form : Month and Today button names are truncated in IE 7
    • EXTJSIV-5610 - Web Desktop - Displaying Js Error upon double clicking close button of Accordion Window.
    • EXTJSIV-5631 - Combination Examples - Portal Demo - Graph is not displaying in Stock Portlet
    • EXTJSIV-5635 - Grids:Column swapping disturb the data in the Grid
    • EXTJSIV-5645 - Bug when collapsing the only panel in an accordion layout.
    • EXTJSIV-5652 - Toolbar that contains the error in datefield
    • EXTJSIV-5661 - Syntax errors when compiling SASS themes
    • EXTJSIV-5663 - Global leak in injectLockable
    • EXTJSIV-5669 - Grids :Grouping with Remote Summary -The data in the grid get disturb while checking the Project column
    • EXTJSIV-5671 - Combination examples: Kitchensink: Locking grid: lock/unlock options in the drop-down menu seen only first time.
    • EXTJSIV-5685 - Grouping Feature error after remote data update.
    • EXTJSIV-5687 - Ext.core.DomHelper overwrite only accepts DOM elements not Ext.Element instances
    • EXTJSIV-5693 - Setting initially active tab using a string ID caused JS error.
    • EXTJSIV-5696 - Return false on Tab beforeactivate not handled properly
    • EXTJSIV-5698 - Drag/Drop Information Box hides in Ext.Window
    • EXTJSIV-5710 - Grids :All Grids :The data under the columns get disturb while checking and un-checking the columns.
    • EXTJSIV-5714 - Strange behaviour of DatePicker placing in Panel with vbox layout.
    • EXTJSIV-5718 - Toolbars and Menus:Basic Toolbar: The page UI get disturb while mouse over on Choose a Date.
    • EXTJSIV-5730 - Charts dont fire click/dblclick events
    • EXTJSIV-5732 - Simple Tasks : Text Editor is displaying in the task list panel.
    • EXTJSIV-5737 - Simple Task - Creation of New Folder/New List is displaying in wrong location
    • EXTJSIV-5740 - Validation error message tool tip has truncated height
    • EXTJSIV-5751 - Layout problems in PortalPanel with an anchor layout
    • EXTJSIV-5768 - Combo Box - ComboBox Templates - Search results are disappearing on double clicking page next icon on pagination panel.
    • EXTJSIV-5773 - Misc- Quick tips - Displaying JS error upon click on Rich Content Tooltip link after mouse hover on Anchor right, rich content button under callout Tip

    Panel (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5149 - "mini" collapseMode in border layout doesn't seem to work
    • EXTJSIV-5312 - Ext.form.Panel.getValues() does not respect isDirty argument
    • EXTJSIV-5445 - Panels with html are 2px too high in IE quirks
    • EXTJSIV-5505 - Corners of framed headers don't display correctly in old IE

    Tabs (4)
    • EXTJSIV-4178 - Positioning problem when using TabPanel and a custom stylesheet
    • EXTJSIV-5315 - Closing a tab moves to the first tab rather than going to the previous tab
    • EXTJSIV-5448 - Tab icon is cut off in IE8 strict and IE9 strict
    • EXTJSIV-5613 - Tabs - Advance Tab - All tabs are closing when closable check box is selected from submenu

    Theme (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5542 - Hard coded value in variables/_grid.scss
    • EXTJSIV-5547 - Some values are hard-coded values in the SASS files
    • EXTJSIV-5590 - Opacity is compounding for components in a deeply nested disabled container

    ToolTips (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5408 - Show delay not always working for qtips in tree grid

    Toolbars (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5742 - Toolbars and Menus : Basic Toolbar : Top and Bottom arrows are not displaying when click on the scrolling menu button for the second time.

    Tree (7)
    • EXTJSIV-1887 - Tree does not allow horizontal scrolling
    • EXTJSIV-3935 - TreeStore doesn't allow root property to be an object path
    • EXTJSIV-4437 - BorderLayout accordion region has buggy expand/collapse behavior when floated
    • EXTJSIV-4476 - NodeInterface can lose dirty state and fail to send batched updates
    • EXTJSIV-4815 - Trees : Drag and Drop reordering : After clicking on 'Expand All' and 'Collapse All' tree is not behaving as expected.
    • EXTJSIV-5219 - Problem whith TreeGrid node (greater than 600 leafs)
    • EXTJSIV-5387 - Trees : Drag and Drop Reordering: Expand All button is not responding for the second time.

    Window (4)
    • EXTJSIV-1732 - Hiding the progress dialog window while it is being dragged breaks draggability
    • EXTJSIV-5310 - Window position changes when resized
    • EXTJSIV-5507 - Drag and drop on overlapped windows fires events in both windows
    • EXTJSIV-5608 - zIndex is wrong for floated windows

    Known Issues
    Animation (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5487 - accordion animation doesn't always complete if you click frequently

    Button (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4768 - Layout Managers - Border Layout: "Center" layout and "Splitter above me" layouts are overlapping when clicking three times on "Add Region" button.

    Charts (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5108 - can't create label for type area series
    • EXTJSIV-5657 - Charts : Grouped Bar : Displaying Js error upon clicking on "Legends" in the "grouped bar" chart on IE9

    Core (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4942 - Element#tgetWidth() returns an incorrect result for naturally widthed absolutely positioned elements in some cases.

    Data (4)
    • EXTJSIV-3316 - Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature cannot restore state
    • EXTJSIV-4319 - Use a parameter other than 'id' for server calls
    • EXTJSIV-4335 - Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
    • EXTJSIV-4372 - Grid Filtering Example: Bug with database return packet

    Documentation (3)
    • EXTJSIV-4296 - Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch Docs examples fail on Chromebook, can't use Example viewer, ReferenceError: Ext is not defined
    • EXTJSIV-5148 - Ext.selection.Model documentation bug
    • EXTJSIV-5156 - Update documentation that fields (id,text,leaf) are expected

    Examples (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4951 - ToolBars and Menus : Basic Tool Bar : All States are not displaying in the combo box once the state is selected in the "Button w/ Menu" through key board .

    Forms (2)
    • EXTJSIV-2081 - Issue with "Bullet list" in the form widget editor
    • EXTJSIV-2425 - HTMLEditor corrupted when changing background color of selection

    Grid (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5595 - Last selected row maintains selection after unchecked on column sort
    • EXTJSIV-5607 - Grid: getEditorParent is ignored - nested cell editing is not possible
    • EXTJSIV-5776 - Bug relating to a stateful grid with a checkbox selection mode - in applyColumnsState function

    Layouts (1)
    • EXTJSIV-3704 - Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong children margins if using CSS rules

    Misc (12)
    • EXTJSIV-3932 - not implemented in IE8
    • EXTJSIV-4091 - Grid filters: initial value can be set, but it is not applied
    • EXTJSIV-4421 - x-tab-top-over never inserted into any element
    • EXTJSIV-4545 - Kitchen Sink - Basic Tabs : By default tab headers are not displaying in Basic tabs.
    • EXTJSIV-4873 - Errors calling add method in a checkboxgroup
    • EXTJSIV-4937 - Combination Examples : Web Desktop : Notepad : Displaying errors in error console upon double clicking on empty space in the note pad.
    • EXTJSIV-4954 - Store Grouping Not Cleared Properly
    • EXTJSIV-5075 -  NodeInterface "deep" copy only copies a single level
    • EXTJSIV-5125 - FiltersFeature - Updating column header class when using a column group
    • EXTJSIV-5130 - Neptune theme missing resources
    • EXTJSIV-5254 -  HTMLEditor.insertAtCursor issues in "Source Edit"; mode
    • EXTJSIV-5484 - Ext.form.field.File buttons don't get the mouse over effect that buttons do

    Panel (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5488 - Panel collapse/expand behavior not as expected when called on hidden panel
    • EXTJSIV-5489 - preventHeader not honored when panel is programmatically collapsed.
    • EXTJSIV-5544 - Intermittent issue with collapseOnDblClick set to true on IE
    • EXTJSIV-5716 - Panels with min/max constraints misbehave in a box layout with stretchmax

    Tabs (1)
    • EXTJSIV-3625 - TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable

    Theme (2)
    • EXTJSIV-3712 - 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
    • EXTJSIV-5764 - Theme slicer requires new build of SDK Tools

    Tree (1)
    • EXTJSIV-4243 - Synchronous loading fails if async loading of same class is on going
    Don Griffin

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    Updated, looks ok, although the change to the disabled style quite a big change. Think I like it though, but not sure it'll be universal.

    Still next to useless without an SDK that can slice images, and yes, I know I keep banging on about it, but it's absolutely crucial to our business here!

    EXTJSIV-5764 - Theme slicer requires new build of SDK Tools
    Hmm, yes, exactly!
    Out of interest, does the Mac version work, or Linux?
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    Altus Ltd.

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    I also need the SDK, but for linux.

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    SDK Beta 2 link for those interested:

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    Quote Originally Posted by fordprefect View Post
    SDK Beta 2 link for those interested:
    Thanks, but the slicer in that version doesn't appear to do anything :/
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    Button Menu Bug

    When having a menuitem / menucheckitem with a wide text property the layout breaks in FF11 / IE9

    text values that work:
    some random tex

    text values that break and no menu shows at all:
    some random text

    PHP Code:
    Ext.create('Ext.container.Viewport', {
    items: [ {xtype:'panel'html'test'dockedItems: [
    items: [
    xtype'menucheckitem'text:'some random text'value'1'checkedtrue},

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    Default Show Northern Container of Border Layout bug

    Calling .show() for north container fails on IE8 (works with FF and Chrome)

                xtype: 'container',
                id: 'northContainerId',
                region: 'north',
                split: true,
                height: 300,
                hidden: true,
                layout: 'fit'
    var northContainer = clPanel.down('#northContainerId');;
    The error is invalid argument somewhere in ext-all - assigning column with with 'infinite%'

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    Default Tested on wirking 4.0.7 app (designed in Ext Designer 1.2.2 build 48)


    I just gave the 4.1RC2 a small run, resulting in many unusable states. These are:
    • it seems all my grids using "flex" for layouting columns doesn't seem to work
    • multi-column header don't work
    • toolbars and paging toolbars are not displayed
    • adding tabs to a tabpanel dynamically works only for the first tab.

    Many JS error occur in FF11.0:

    Timestamp: 06.04.12 10:27:55
    Error: me.labels[inflections.length - 1] is undefined
    Source File: http://localhost/extjs-4.1.0-rc2/ext-all-debug.js
    Line: 58430
    Chrome 18.0.1025.151 feels some bit better (most "flex" columns are displayed), but fails in many situations, too.

    If you need more details or access to the source (and probably project data), please ask.

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    Hi, good mornig. Could anyone help me please? why I have this error in version EXTJS 4.2.1: "Invalid ComponentQuery selector: menucheckitem". It wasnt repaired in version Ext JS 4.1 RC2 ? Is the same issue: "EXTJSIV-5271 - ComponentQuery "is" method fails if selector contains a comma". Thanks a lot. Regards.

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