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Thread: Layers GUI feature

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    Default Layers GUI feature

    I used to work in some design programs, and there the layers function is well developed. I think that something like that would be very convenient for Sencha Designer. When I work with it I really need these features:

    Feature 1: LAYERS (MODULES).They are very useful. You can group elements of project by some criteria - for example - big functional module (almost application). It is good for analyzing them, and work with. Also:

    Feature 2: Export/import of layers(modules) as elements from/to other project
    seems to be convenient feature. It just must be in designer to make possible a group of programmers to develop one project.

    If I could switch off some of the elements of the project without deleting them! It is a really good function - if I want to analyze how site runs without some elements, but I do not want delete them.

    Feature 4: DISPLAYING CONNECTIONS between elements. Maybe displayed on Alt key or some GUI button press. It helps to see and analyze the application stucture fast.

    On the image: Layer 2 is switched off (disabled). Layer2 Direct Proxy and Reader are also switched off (they will not be enabled with layer). Maybe layer shall have an "enable all elements" command in its menu. Layer 2 has a different type of MVC displaying(it is also better then the present one). 2 columns each containing one of MVC group makes more suitable to connect elements and see them without looong scrolling.

    Feature 5: HISTORY. It's so nice - be able to cancel some changes! (Ctrl+z function do not work in designer correctly). Rollback of some element shall be available even in the middle of History List, without influencing the other elements and the history. I mean that if you cancel come changes for 1 element the other later history for other elements shall not disappear. Even the other parameters of these element shall not be influenced. Except if they were dependent. Screenshot: On image: MyJsonReaders Root parameter change has been canceled.

    Feature 6: Trash. Often I would not want some element to be just switched off. But later I can regret about their deletion and maybe I will be unable to find it in history. So trash is a good thing, especailly if History and Disable features would not be included!

    That's it for today. Hope it will be useful and some kind of unique.

    Best regards!
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