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Thread: Documentation for beginers : GXT 3

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    Default Documentation for beginers : GXT 3

    Hi! I'm new in Ext-Gwt and people have recommended me to use Ext-GWT 3. I started with a book about GXT 2.X. Do you think is better to read about GXT 2.x about the concepts and then jump to the 3.x news or I have to start with GXT 3.x directly. In the last case, do you know any documentation apart from the tutorials?
    Thanks for all!

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    I seem to recall that 3.x is a massive overhaul of the code base and there are some fundamental differences between the two. I would encourage you to just jump in to 3.x and have a go.

    As far as learning goes, I simply started by implementing the functionality that was needed in our web application. IMHO, there's no better way to learn than to actually apply the API to your situations. You can use the demo app and it's source code to see how all the stuff is done.

    There are some undocumented nuances that will probably bite you (as they did me), but that's what the forums are for - we're here to help.

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