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Thread: App file size issue - crashes in BB Torch

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    Default Unanswered: App file size issue - crashes in BB Torch

    I have developed a small Sencha Touch 2.0 app. Here is the url:

    The app works in perfectly fine in Android 2.3, iPad, iPhone, Blackberry Playbook. But the app crashes while I test in Blackberry Torch (OS: 6.0) giving this error:

    "The page you requested could not be loaded. It is too large for this device"

    The production version of the file sizes are:

    sencha-touch.js: 90.5Kb
    app-all.js: 401.4Kb
    app-all.css: 151.5Kb
    Other resources: 10Kb

    SASS config:
    $body-bg-color: #000;
    $base-color: #444;
    $base-gradient: 'matte';
    $active-color: #4596CE;
    @import 'sencha-touch/default/all';
    @include sencha-panel;
    @include sencha-buttons;
    @include sencha-toolbar;
    @include sencha-list;
    @include sencha-list-paging;
    @include sencha-layout;
    @include sencha-form;
    @include sencha-msgbox;
    @include sencha-loading-spinner;
    @include sencha-picker;
    .x-toolbar .x-toolbar-title {
        color: saturate(lighten($active-color, 10%), 20%);
        text-shadow: rgba(#fff, .8) 0 1px 20px;
    So, total around 650Kb. I think the sizes can be reduced more but I am not getting any other options. I am using the least css configs in SASS file and in JS too (only which are required). Is there anyone getting the same problem? Any solution?
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    For the JS files, the build will only include the classes you need (unless you are using sencha-touch-all.js). For the SASS, you should only @include for the classes you are using which looks like you are doing. Past that, not much you can do.
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