I have a problem using GXT grid. It automatically scrolls to upper left position upon adding new data to it.
Here are the things I have tried but didn't solve the problem:
1) overriding GridView's scrollToTop and make it do nothing, but this didn't solve the problem.
2) remember last scrolled position and set it back.
public void onSuccess(List<> result) {
int top = grid.getView().getScroller().getScrollTop();
int left = grid.getView().getScroller().getScrollLeft();
grid.getView().getScroller().scrollTo("top", top);
grid.getView().getScroller().scrollTo("left", left);
this somewhat solved the problem, but it causes a flash when grid scrolls back to position. My grid contains cells and headers with different colors, so this flash became very annoying with colors flying back and forth every data change. So this solution isn't good enough.
Has anyone encounter this problem before? I am running out of ideas, please give me some hint on how to fix this. Thanks.