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    Default GXT3 Grid Issues on IE7

    Hi there..,

    There are some grid issues on IE7 with GXT3. We would like use GXT3 but we are worried if we are using it too early, can you help us when this can get resolved and do you suggest to use GXT3 at this time and most of our users are IE6+.

    1. When filtered on a column the filtered column is not showing in bold and italic like in EXT GWT2.x
    2. Filter Grid is not showing Filters as checkboxes.
    3. Column selection is not showing the checkboxes
    4. Sliding the content panel in and out makes the grid display momentarily on top of other content
    GXT 3 Grid Issues on IE 7 - 2.jpgGXT 3 Grid Issues on IE 7.jpg
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