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Thread: Does GWT has enough future compare to Javascript, help me choose EXT GWT or EXT JS

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    Default Does GWT has enough future compare to Javascript, help me choose EXT GWT or EXT JS

    My Company is planning to rewrite a Flex based application and most of us are Java Flex developer with basic understanding of Javascript.

    Why they decided to rewrite, i do not know either, though application is working fine.

    However we are having hot debate (almost on war) on weather to user Ext - JS or Ext GWT going farword.

    We like the idea of EXT GWT better because most of us are primarily Java developers however we are worried about future of GWT, because we read in some forums that google is putting more weight on closures and they have themself not written anything in GWT and all. Where as Java script gonna be java script supported by all browsers all the time, so can think of it in long horizon

    Respected Forum Members please share your thoughts on above, and particularly what do you feel about the future of GWT.

    Thank you regards,

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    Ext GWT is a first rate product and framework that we have no plans at all canceling. In fact we just rolled out version 3 not long ago and we at Sencha are very excited about that release and future plans that the core devs for that framework have for it.

    Ext JS is more popular but Ext GWT still has it's place. If you know Java and not JavaScript, Ext GWT may be the right choice for you.
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    IMHO - For a company to develop cost effectively and robustly they should stick with what the technical team know best.
    i.e. in your case Java so go with GWT
    Particularly if the application is/is going to be an enterprise application.
    If your team dont know Javascript well its would be risky to recode an enterprise app outside of your primary skillset
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    Even if GWT uses Java, the API itself requires quite allot of learning and mindset changing for the developers and also architecture changes/restrictions for an application itself.

    IMO a decision depends on the detail/control level you need over your output, i.e. if you need allot of customization, plug-ins and UI tuning, than ExtJS might be the better alternative since on always need to do/try/fail/retry the dirty stuff at the browser level .

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    If you plan to write enterprise scale applications then GWT is the way to go.
    JS is just not there yet compare to what Java brings to the table.

    Also note that GWT is widely used inside Google. Key products like Google Adwords, iGoogle, Google flights, Blogger, Shopping, Google offers,etc.. are built using GWT. And if you follow the GWT contributors Group you will see commits going into GWT on a daily basis.

    And Ray just announced exiting things coming in GWT 2.5

    Plus there is a huuuuge community behind GWT. Even if Google stops developing GWT today( for whatever reason) , there are tausend of devs out there ready to pick it up.

    So bottom line : You want to write enterprise scale HTML5 application using real software engineering ? GWT(EXT-GWT) is the way to go.


    P.S curious why you guyz decided to drop Flex ?

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