I'm new to Extjs and i'm trying to build an app based on the Carstore exemple for Designer 2.
I only modify the store 'CarDataJson', the view and the controller for using my data who are in a Mysql database (the store use a php script who encode the data in Json).
Difference between my app and the example is that the chart show data from the row.
My controller.js :
init: function() {
            "#grid": {
                selectionchange: this.onGridpanelSelectionChange

    onGridpanelSelectionChange: function(view, selections, options) {
Everything works fine with Extjs 4.0.2a (the chart is correctly loaded when i click on a row) but the chart doesn't appear when i use Extjs 4.0.7 or 4.1 RC2.
I haven't error message in the console.

Have you any idea of the problem ?

Thanks in advance for advice.