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Thread: "List Paging" loses some records in list

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    ok so to get that info i did:

    config: { autoLoad: true, model: 'Remax.model.Angariacao', nextPage: null,
    currentTotal: null} listeners: { load: function (store, records, successful) { store.nextPage = store.getProxy().getReader().rawData.d.__next; store.currentTotal = store.getProxy().getReader().rawData.d.__count;}

    you also have to put the &inlinecount=allpages in your odata url if you want to get the count of that resource set..

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    this works great better if you are doing infinite scroll.. imo

    when the user is in the end of the list, we check if we have a next link.. if we do.. we load that link.. what i m missing now is merging the records.. looking at it now.

    After reading some posts it seems this is a request that more people ahve, to load paging data via odata... since this is a standard method i really thin there should be a offical proy for Odata, embrce standards!

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