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Thread: Ext JS 4.1 RC3 Now Available

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    Default Ext JS 4.1 RC3 Now Available

    Ext JS 4.1 RC3 is Now Available

    You can download Ext JS 4.1 RC3 here.

    Below list the fixed bugs and known issues with this build:

    Fixed bugs:
    Button (1)

    • EXTJSIV-5802 - setIconCls() does not update the icon from within a beforerender listener
    Charts (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5816 - Missing requires in Ext.chart.axis.Numeric
    • EXTJSIV-5852 - Stacked Bar Chart shadow/border ghosts on redraw
    Core (4)
    • EXTJSIV-5819 - syncRequire callback scope broken
    • EXTJSIV-5858 - Ext.LoadMask destroy() method not hiding the mask
    • EXTJSIV-5873 - frameSize property undefined when CSS3 framing is used.
    • EXTJSIV-5886 - htmlEncode returns apos which is incompatible with IE
    Data (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5798 - Reader should use current fields if metadata does not include a fields array
    • EXTJSIV-5823 - Remote sort from a buffered store fails on small data sets.
    Examples (3)
    • EXTJSIV-5788 - Simple tasks : Two "Dismiss" buttons are displaying in reminder popup.
    • EXTJSIV-5789 - Simple tasks : "OK" button is not working in the "Set Default Reminder Time" pop-up.
    • EXTJSIV-5791 - Simple Tasks : Not able to unhide the columns once all possible columns are hidden
    Forms (5)
    • EXTJSIV-5554 - Issue with date format in Spanish locale.
    • EXTJSIV-5774 - Bug in set focus on IE
    • EXTJSIV-5782 - htmleditor in tab panel breaks layout when tab is destroyed
    • EXTJSIV-5850 - Ext.Editor, startEdit event does not pass editor instance as first argument
    • EXTJSIV-5885 - Forms - Advanced Validation - Months in the month selection menu are not properly aligned
    Grid (5)
    • EXTJSIV-5761 - RowEditing plugin breaks Grid scrolling
    • EXTJSIV-5779 - Tabbing on the last cell in a cell editing grid recurses infinitely.
    • EXTJSIV-5780 - CellSelectionModel does not cope well with deletions of rows.
    • EXTJSIV-5814 - Not possible to specify a column component on a locked grid (only a config)
    • EXTJSIV-5841 - Key navigation in grid with no selection throws JS errors
    Layouts (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5793 - Chrome 18 - broken layouts due to V8 NaN bug
    • EXTJSIV-5812 - Specifying a placeholder for a region in a border layout fails if given as a config object
    Menu (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5828 - - missing return this
    • EXTJSIV-5870 - menuExpandDelay of not working
    Misc (2)
    • EXTJSIV-5759 - Ext 4.1 - What happened to hideMode: 'asclass'?
    • EXTJSIV-5843 - Korean locale file is throwing an exception
    Tabs (1)
    • EXTJSIV-5231 - GroupTabPanel UX doesn't work as expected

    Known issues:


    • EXTJSIV-5487 - accordion animation doesn't always complete if you click frequently
    Charts (1)

    • EXTJSIV-5108 - can't create label for type area series
    Core (2)

    • EXTJSIV-3932 - not implemented in IE8
    • EXTJSIV-4942 - Element#tgetWidth() returns an incorrect result for naturally widthed absolutely positioned elements in some cases.
    Data (4)

    • EXTJSIV-3316 - Ext.ux.grid.FiltersFeature cannot restore state
    • EXTJSIV-4319 - Use a parameter other than 'id' for server calls
    • EXTJSIV-4335 - Duplicate records when calling sync() on a autoSync store
    • EXTJSIV-4372 - Grid Filtering Example: Bug with database return packet
    Documentation (3)

    • EXTJSIV-4296 - Ext JS 4 and Sencha Touch Docs examples fail on Chromebook, can't use Example viewer, ReferenceError: Ext is not defined
    • EXTJSIV-5148 - Ext.selection.Model documentation bug
    • EXTJSIV-5156 - Update documentation that fields (id,text,leaf) are expected
    Forms (4)

    • EXTJSIV-2081 - Issue with "Bullet list" in the form widget editor
    • EXTJSIV-2425 - HTMLEditor corrupted when changing background color of selection
    • EXTJSIV-4873 - Errors calling add method in a checkboxgroup
    • EXTJSIV-5484 - Ext.form.field.File buttons don't get the mouse over effect that buttons do
    Grid (5)

    • EXTJSIV-4091 - Grid filters: initial value can be set, but it is not applied
    • EXTJSIV-4954 - Store Grouping Not Cleared Properly
    • EXTJSIV-5125 - FiltersFeature - Updating column header class when using a column group
    • EXTJSIV-5595 - Last selected row maintains selection after unchecked on column sort
    • EXTJSIV-5607 - Grid: getEditorParent is ignored - nested cell editing is not possible
    Layouts (2)

    • EXTJSIV-3704 - Ext.layout.container.Box: wrong children margins if using CSS rules
    • EXTJSIV-4768 - Border Layout : regions overlap when size (or size constraint) won't allow all regions to fit container
    Misc (4)

    • EXTJSIV-4545 - Kitchen Sink - Basic Tabs : By default tab headers are not displaying in Basic tabs.
    • EXTJSIV-4937 - Combination Examples : Web Desktop : Notepad: Displaying errors in error console upon double clicking on empty space in the note pad.
    • EXTJSIV-5130 - Neptune theme missing resources
    • EXTJSIV-5254 - HTMLEditor.insertAtCursor issues in "Source Edit" mode
    Panel (3)

    • EXTJSIV-5488 - Panel collapse/expand behavior not as expected when called on hidden panel
    • EXTJSIV-5489 - preventHeader not honored when panel is programmatically collapsed.
    • EXTJSIV-5544 - Intermittent issue with collapseOnDblClick set to true on IE
    Tabs (2)

    • EXTJSIV-3625 - TabPanel: defaults: closable true not configurable
    • EXTJSIV-4421 - x-tab-top-over never inserted into any element
    Theme (2)

    • EXTJSIV-3712 - 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
    • EXTJSIV-5764 - Theme slicer requires new build of SDK Tools
    Tree (2)

    • EXTJSIV-4243 - Synchronous loading fails if async loading of same class is on going
    • EXTJSIV-5075 - NodeInterface "deep" copy only copies a single level
    Edmund Leung
    Sencha Product Management

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    The theming guide documents a bug it claims to be specific to "ExtJS 4.0.2a"

    Due to a bug in Ext JS 4.0.2a you will also need to edit line 62 of appname/extjs/resources/themes/lib/utils.rb from this:

    images_path = File.join($ext_path, 'resources', 'themes', 'images', theme)
    to this:

    images_path = relative_path
    This ensures images will be served from appname/resources/images rather than appname/extjs/resources/images

    As far as I can tell though, this bug is still present in this release and not listed in the known issues...
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    I do not see EXTJSIV-5861 in the known issues. Really hope it makes it in to the 4.1 final.

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    Nice release guys!

    EXTJSIV-3712 - 4.0.5 tabpanel shows blue strip in header in IE
    This one is that hard to fix? Today I started to build an app that use the gray theme and I want to fix that before show to my client.

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    Where can I get the 4.1 RC3 's online API?
    In the download version, some examples like calendar are not available...

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    Default EXTJSIV-5802

    EXTJSIV-5802 - fix of this bug is really helpful! Thanx!

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    Default ext-all-dev.js store loading problems

    ext-all-dev.js has problems with loading store.
    In previous version everything worked.

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    Any update on the general performances issues ?
    Is it planned for final realese ?
    Are you guys still working on this ?

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    I've been following the 4.1 development saga for a while now. I was nervous to try it out in my app because of other people's complaints about the instability of the first beta/RC releases.

    But I just tried it out.

    I gotta say - great work guys! This was basically a drop-in for 4.0.7->4.1 RC3. I only ran into a couple necessary changes in my code, which I found easily on the forums.

    Also, it's noticeably faster - even in Chrome.

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    yes, It would be great to know if the IE 6 & 7 performance improvements are scheduled for the final 4.1 release. Can someone please provide an update on this.

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