I'm loading stuff from multiple stores like this:

for (var i in stores) {
  var store = stores[i];

    scope:    { store: store, params: myExtraParams },
    callback: myCallback
where myCallback is a function which should be fired for each store loaded with the context given. On 4.0 it works, but testing with 4.1 RC3 it does not.

If I just try to output something on the console like this:

function myCallback(records, operation, success) {
  console.log('myCallback is being called');
This gives nothing in the web console on 4.1 RC3. On 4.0 it does.

I can see in the Chromium Network tab that the data is being loaded with a 200 OK, and JSON as payload.

Is this a bug, or an intended change? How should I set up the callbacks?