Ext GWT 3.0 Release Candidate 2 is now available

This is a new build that we've prepared with a number of significant changes that we're eager to put into your hands. While we've included a number of fixes and enhancements, this build is primarily meant to be an API update.

With development of Ext GWT 3.0 continuing to draw to a close, we've been spending time solidifying our public facing API. In several cases, we found that some backwards incompatible tweaking was necessary for correctness or practicality. Many of these changes were driven by discussions with the community here in the forums.

Our goal with this release is to make these API changes available to you quickly and to receive any feedback you might have. We want to be sure that these changes continue to serve the same domain of use cases as before. Here are a few highlights of the changes in this build:

  • Selection events renamed and better integrated with GWT events
  • GridView updates for row spanning
  • XTemplates updates for explicit handling of null values
  • Miscellaneous updates to ProgressBar, RowExpander
  • Updates to RequestFactoryProxy for passing sorting info
  • A handful of other API tweaks
  • 18 feature updates or enhancements
  • Over 50 bug fixes
  • Updates to the Desktop example, including spreadsheets

Read more about all of these changes in the release notes.

Updating to the Release Candidate 2 build

Manual upgrade: As before, we have a zip archive available for download.

Maven: In your POM, update your dependency to version 3.0.0-rc2.

Your feedback has been invaluable to us throughout the prerelease process, and now we're eager to hear from you as you try out this new release candidate build. We welcome your continued feedback and discussion here on the Ext GWT Community Forums. Remember that the bugs forum is the fastest way to bring a problem to the attention of our engineers and is our preferred way of receiving bug reports from you.

Thanks for all your interest and involvement throughout the development of Ext GWT 3.0. We can't wait to finish up Ext GWT 3.0 so you can start using it to build the next generation of web applications.