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Thread: JavaScript execution exceeded ( iPhone 3G )

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    How can I break my app into two files, I have a login page and the rest of the application, so it will be a good idea to load files when login panel is showing up, any idea how can I achieve this, I tried my best but unable to split my files as my whole app is concatenated into one.

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    Default Bump. Issue discovered in 4.2.1 (iPhone 3G)

    Hi all --

    Working on an ST2 app for deployment (via Phone Gap) stretching down to 4.2.1 and am seeing memory exceptions (level 1 and 2) before the UIWebkitView is fully loaded.

    I've followed the steps above, but the app crashes before the app is loaded. Would love to help you guys diagnose this issue. It looked like the microloader was the issue, but I used "sencha build package"and saw no improvement (unlike the previous commenter.)

    Wondering what kind of info you can use from me to get to the root of this?

    I've done the following:
    tested Phone Gap's default page alone. Works
    tested Phone Gap's default page with the sample ST2 app built using sencha build. Works
    tested Phone Gap + my basic MVC build. Fails
    tested Phone Gap + current app. Fails

    One note: I'm currently working on deploying via Sencha Native Packaging, but have encountered issues there as well...

    Here is what my app.js file looks like:
        name: 'app',
        requires: [
        profiles: ["Phone"], 
        models: [
        controllers: [
        views: [
        stores: [
        launch: function() {        
            // Destroy the #appLoadingIndicator element
            //Ext.Msg.confirm('application loaded');
            // Initialize the main view
            console.log('updated view');
        onUpdated: function() {
                "Application Update",
                "This application has just successfully been updated to the latest version. Reload now?",
                function(buttonId) {
                    if (buttonId === 'yes') {

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    I am having the same problem here. After the production build, size of the app.js file is 566 KB and it gives same error on iphone 3g. It works fine on iphone 4 and ipad. After i read this thread, i tried the package build but it also didn't work. Now i am trying to split my app.js file into two but since production build concatenates all the code into app.js file i can't figure out how.

    i am using sencha touch version 2.1.0.

    I'd be glad if you can help me to solve this. thanks in advance.

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    I have the same problems with my app using ST 2.1 on an iPhone 3G with iOS 4.2.1.

    I'm getting a timeout error before the app loads completly. At the moment I don't use the ST build process and have to use the sencha-touch-all package. I'm using grunt to concat and minfy everthing, but still have a ~800kb file to load... And that's too much for the 3G?

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