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Thread: Properties for Ext.form.Panel

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    Default Properties for Ext.form.Panel

    i am currently exploring the new Designer and am a bit confused when I compare the properties and the documentation for ExtJS 4.0 and also look at related examples. Let me give you some examples:

            text:'Reset',        handler:function(){this.up('form').getForm().reset();} },{...
    now when I look at the properties in Sencha Designer (is the same in Ext.Designer) i cannot find such a property. Same applies to bbar, fbar or tbar.

    Sencha Designer:
    Here we have properties like: standardsubmit or method. But nothing in the ExtJS4.0 docu.

    So am i missing something or do i have general misunderstanding of the relationship?

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    Regarding form properties such as standardSubmit, method, api, timeout...
    those are configs of!/api/Ext.form.Basic

    See notes at!/api/Ext.form.Panel
    Where it says
    Although not listed as configuration options of FormPanel, the FormPanel class accepts all of the config options supported by the Ext.form.Basic class, and will pass them along to the internal BasicForm when it is created

    Regarding fbar, tbar, buttons... those are configs that take component references and Designer doesnt support configs with reference values. But it does provide ways to add toolbars, buttons from the toolbox so you can achieve the same functionality.
    Bharat Nagwani
    Sencha Designer Development Team

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