SALAM all.
i'm programming a mobile app with sencha touch, and i need to save some information in a file (saved in the phone). I try this code which allows to write a file.txt with javascript but it doesn't work.

            xtype: 'button',
            flex: 1,
            margin: 10, 
            text: 'Confirmer', 
            handler: function()
               Ext.Msg.confirm("Confirmation","Recharge de "+Ext.getCmp('num').getValue()+" Montant "+Ext.getCmp

('amount').getValue(),function(btn, text){
        if (btn == 'yes')
        Ext.getCmp('resp').setValue("Recharge effectue");
        var file = new ActiveXObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject");
        var a = file.CreateTextFile("c:\\testfile.txt", true);
        a.WriteLine("SALAM WORLD !");
        Ext.getCmp('resp').setValue("Recharge annule");
         //   Ext.getCmp('resp').setValue(btn); 

have you any idea how can i save few data of my mobile app in the phone for using it later.
thank you