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Thread: Unordered list, list items

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    Default Unordered list, list items


    I like to use plain HTML in a containter something like this:


    Now I don't have bullets and a strange font type compared to my other HTML pages.
    It must be some stylesheet trick.

    Another question: if you have an application with multiple languages what is the best way to set this up? One solution is making different directories like views/uk/ etc or the other way around the toplevel is the language. uk/apps etc.


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    You may need to use styleHtmlContent config on the list. If that doesn't work then some CSS tweaks as I know there are some rules for ul and li in the sencha touch css.

    You shouldn't make a view for each locale, that is wasteful and a pain to maintain. You should use a manager to do this for you. I personally use my Ux.locale.Manager
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