Thanks eryx, I'm glad it's useful to others!

The Sencha Command issue is now fixed. It's not the world's prettiest fix, but it works. NB: the fix is in the demo files, NOT the proxy itself. Specifically look at the model definition and the util class.

I changed the Ext.Loader.setPath call and removed the source within the demo directory so make sure your setPath call is pointing to where the sqlite directory is, relative to app.js. Ext.Loader needs this during testing to load in the files and sencha command needs it to grab the contents of the sqlite files to put them into the single app.js file for production or testing builds.

An issue with the demo app not working when it's been built into production or testing (ie, into a single js file) has been sorted.

It's a fix that works; for some reason when Sencha is in a single file the models will be initiated and their proxies created BEFORE the onReady method of the Ext.Application call is executed. In a pre-build, multi-file development environment, the model calls are after.

NB: I have also changed the Ext.Loader.SetPath call in the app.js of the demo so the source code for the sqliteproxy is only included once in the root of the repository (rather than twice - ie, it's no longer copied in the demo directory).