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Thread: Preview Browser and unnecessary windows

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    Default Preview Browser and unnecessary windows

    Im working with SA on windows and my default browser is InternetExplorer (you may ask: why but there are some good reasons). Every time I want to preview my project I get the message that the browser is not supported.

    I would be very pleased if I could set a preview browser. Its very annoying to switch every time to a supported browser and manually refresh the page. And there are some windows that need not to be displayed every time I preview a project: "deploy project" and "running xcopy". It would be great to have an option to hide these windows. I think hitting the preview button should immediately open the defined preview browser with no need to click or close any window.

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    Noted regarding having the option to have these never appear again.

    Once you preview once it's easiest just to Alt+tab and then hit F5 to refresh. Theres no need to continue clicking preview each time you want to preview.

    We are also aware of the desire to set a preview browser that is different than you default browser. Thanks for the feedback.
    Aaron Conran

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