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Thread: A more complete ListStoreEditor example

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    Default A more complete ListStoreEditor example

    Can anyone point me to a complete ListStoreEditor example?

    I want to do editing of a grid within a form and the only example I can find is in 'Binding | List Property Binding'. Unfortunately it is not complete as the resulting object graph is never 'flushed' and displayed.

    I tried it myself but it isn't working properly. Specifically, when I am editing a table cell and I click 'Close' on the dialog (implicit save) the modifications from the active cell are not applied to the object graph until a short time later. Using ListStore.setAutoCommit(true) does not help and I am definitely doing an Editor.flush().

    I suspect the cell's "lost focus" event that triggers the commit is processed after the dialog's BeforeHideEvent. Is this a bug?

    Any suggestions or examples would be appreciated.

    [UPDATE] Turns out 3.0.0-rc2 fixes my problem. Also, the link above only points to a single file in my GWT learning project. The containing folder for learning forms may be more useful.
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