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Thread: Window constrained inside a container with scrollbar

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    Default Window constrained inside a container with scrollbar

    Hi, I'm looking for a way to display multiple windows constrained inside a container, something like:


    As you can see windows are not only constrained inside their container but they force it to scroll if the space is not enough to contain them. Furthermore if I drag down or up a window, the container's scrollbar increase or decrease her size.
    If I try to use windows I have the problem of binding them to a container that hides and move them on scrolling.
    Any idea?

    Thank you.

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    The Window class won't work for this, as it assumes it is attached to the root of the page, not to an arbitrary container. Instead, try using ContentPanels or FramedPanels, and wrapping them with a Draggable instance (as seen on, and configure the container to have overflow: scroll or auto.

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    Thanks so much for the very fast reply, I had this doubt, I will follow the road that you got me shown.

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