In packager.json, there is a line like:
This specifies the native app icon for the homescreen. And for retina displays, some magic changes the name to look at "Icon@2x.png".

However according to Apple, iPhone icons are 57x57 pixels (or 114x114 for retina), and iPad icons are 72x72 pixels (or 144x144 for retina).

Say I'm building an iPhone app (that should obviously also be able to run on iPad). Now if I specify a 57x57 icon, the iPad displays it blown up at 72x72, which makes it ugly & blurry.

How are we supposed to actually specify the 4 different required icon sizes for a native app? (Note that the four sizes in app.js are apparently only used for non-native web apps that get bookmarked to the homescreen, but that's the type of configuration I believe we need for native apps).