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Ext GWT 3.0 Release Candidate 2

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IE 9, Windows 7

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First of all: you should mention somewhere that it is necessary to use a ContentPanel to make a BorderLayout-Panel collapsible. A simple BorderLayoutData.setCollapsible(true) doesn't do the thing. I'm not sure whether it's a bug or designed that way. But what actually seems to be a bug: BorderLayoutData.isCollapsed() always returns false (see code below). One workaround is to use BorderLayoutContainer.addCollapsedHandler() and set the collapsed state manually. The other way to get the state is to call the wrapped ContentPanel's isCollapsed(). Again - not the expected behaviour.

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Test case

 public void onModuleLoad()
        BorderLayoutContainer blc = new BorderLayoutContainer();
        blc.setPixelSize(400, 200);

        TextButton button = new TextButton("Is Collapsed?");
        final Label label = new Label("Center");

        final BorderLayoutData bld = new BorderLayoutData(50);

        ContentPanel cp = new ContentPanel();
        cp.setWidget(new TextButton("dummy"));

        blc.setNorthWidget(button, new BorderLayoutData(30));
        blc.setWestWidget(cp, bld);

        button.addSelectHandler(new SelectHandler()
            public void onSelect(SelectEvent event)
                label.setText(bld.isCollapsed() ? "collapsed!" : "not collapsed!");