My issues are related to this one:

I have overriden the class combobox to toggle the visibility of the trigger.

1st: TriggerField#setHideTrigger() sets the visibility flag but does not call any resize or repaint methods for the input field. That might have been fixed already in the trunk. I trigger the resizing manually in a deffered command (otherwise width calculation is wrongly). Is there a better way to resize the input field correctly?

2nd: After the trigger was hidden and set back to visible the trigger is positioned wrongly. The style attribute display: block is added by El#setDisplayed(boolean) after trigger.setVisible(true) was called. My workaround removes the style attribute if the trigger is set to visible again.

Here is my code:

private static class ComboBox_ extends ComboBox<StringBaseModel> {

        /** {@inheritDoc} */
        protected void onRender(Element parent, int index) {
            super.onRender(parent, index);

            /* performance issue: we are not interested in mouse move events -> disable them */

        private void setTriggerVisible(boolean visible) {
            if (trigger == null || trigger.isVisible() != visible) {
                /* if the combobox was not rendered yet simply set the flag, onRender does the rest */
                setHideTrigger(visible == false);

                /* component is already rendered */
                if (trigger != null) {
                    if (visible) {
                         /* fixes wrong position of trigger icon */
                        trigger.setStyleAttribute("display", null);

                   /* call resizing in a deferred command to avoid wrong size calculation */
                    Scheduler.get().scheduleDeferred(new Command() {

                        /** {@inheritDoc} */
                        public void execute() {
                            onResize(getWidth(), getHeight());
Thanks & Greetings, Nico.