Hi there,

first of all big praise for your Software, it opens up so many new possibilites, when it comes to GWT developing.

Actually, i'm facing a problem with the BorderLayout. Currently i'm using just the center widget and the east widget, whereby the latter is collapsible. When collapse is triggered, apparently the ContentPanel will be replaced by a CollapsePanel, which shows just an picture ( '<<' ) in order to indicate that something is expandable.

In respect of our customers, unfortunately the picture doesn't suffice as an indicator, since the ContentPanel is initially collapsed. I'm searching for a possibility, to show a vertically aligned text under the '<<' picture, as an additional hint that the Panel is expandable. It should be okay, that the expand action is still triggered just by the picture, we just want to make sure that the user will see the button. (no functionality on the text itself).

Is there any way to do this programmatically, maybe a method i have overseen? I know how to do this with HTML / DOM-Manipulation, but to be honest i would like to avoid that, especially when it comes to new releases of GXT.

Help would be much appreciated.