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    Default External Editor Support

    "However, if you already have a favorite IDE, not a problem."
    There is a problem, once you move to the external IDE you are stuck there.

    I can understand how it's difficult for a 2 way (code to GUI). But what if I'm simply writing the portions that Architect forces me to hand code externally?

    I have a hand written project that I attempted to recreate using Architect and I've run into several issues.

    Here's an example of a portion of code I would have to hand write in a controller:
    onListItemTap : function (dataview, index, target, record, e, options) { 
          xtype : "overallchart"
    First off, any externally created file (like a chart) does not appear in the proper section. My "OverallChart.js" is currently residing in the Views folder. It does not appear in Architect, and I can not find some sort of "refresh".

    The code above also shows two red Xs stating that the "xtype" line is missing an ending }...

    Also, if I go into WebStorm and edit this code, there is absolutely no way to refresh it inside Architect. Because Architect currently lacks any sort of coding assistance (even locally declared variables must be hand written) I really lean to WebStorm to actually write the code. The minute I save the files in Architect they are all reverted to whatever Architect is incorrectly holding them as. Even restarting Architect does not pull in the latest changes to the files.

    In conclusion... no you can not effectively use an external program with "not a problem".
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