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Thread: Ext JS or Ext GWT

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    Default Ext JS or Ext GWT

    All that stuff in the video, about user registration, groups, syncing, messaging and sharing data. That's exactly what I need. The Docs overview page says:

    "As she conducts her business that week, she enters expense data into the app -- perhaps even photographs of receipts -- and whenever her device is in range of the network the app synchs all the data with the cloud through Data."

    So data definitions are declared as XML and JASON objects in ExtJS, in the Data Store, and are not relational. (??) If I want to access a relational db then I need Ext GWT and a remote server. Right?

    Or, could I reference a remote db in Ext JS with a Jave applet?

    Thanks for helping me make this decision.

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    To get data from a database you need a remote server to return JSON or XML. Ext JS or Ext GWT has no bearing on that question.
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