It is now working... except for a little tidying up.
Thanks for your help on this - if I get it looking like the example and you are interested in it as an example I will post it in as I don't think this was one of the current examples.

In the example for the "feedviewer" application, App.launch contained the syncRequire function. I assume this is because the plug in was not required to construct the views and hence could be called late. Is there any reason why that was not within the controller?

In this App, I have to include create a controller and include it within the controller otherwise it appears that launch is called too late in the process (after the view has been complete).

I have tidied up the code as I realise that it would have been better to have included the views as part of the controller rather than in their current position (purely etiquette!) and the same with the model (as it only relates to the view used by the controller and not globally)
But one thing I noticed is that once this was done, App.launch() is never called. Is there any reason behind that?

Thanks once again for your time