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Thread: Disabled Checkbox is still working

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    Default Disabled Checkbox is still working

    Hi all,

    I have an app that needs to display a set of checkbox. If I suppose to tick the checkbox, I need to disable some another checkbox as previously configured. I already built a logic for that in Sencha. However if the user tick the disabled checkbox, the checkbox is counted as ticked. And when the disabled checkbox is enabled again, the disabled checkbox before automatically become in checked condition. (This only apply if user tick only one time after disabled ).

    So far I have found this issue as stated in here

    I try the workaround, but also not working. The strange thing is when I lookup into sencha Checkbox.js code, I see that the Checkbox is using listener for the element that fire onChange event when it is clicked. However when I debug using Ext.override the onChange event is not fired at all when the checkbox is disabled, although the state of checked seems modified (like another event may be activated, but I don't know).

    Can someone help in clearing this issue?

    Thanks in advance,
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    Using 1.1.1, this does not allow me to tap on it:

    new Ext.form.FormPanel({
        fullscreen : true,
        items      : [
                xtype    : 'checkboxfield',
                label    : 'Test',
                disabled : true
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