Sencha Touch version tested:
  • 1.1

Platform tested against:
  • iOS 5
  • Google Chrome

  • Scrolling on a FormPanel causes textarea fields to lose their cursor. The textarea field does not adjust its cursor offset and thus it looks like you're typing but the textarea isn't scrolling after the cursor.

Test Case:
    new Ext.Application({
                launch : function() {
                    new Ext.form.FormPanel({
                        fullscreen : true,
                        scroll     : 'vertical',
                        items      : [
                                xtype : 'textareafield',
                                label : 'hello'
                                xtype : 'textareafield',
                                label : 'hello2'
                                xtype : 'textareafield',
                                label : 'hello3'
See this URL : http:// Steps to reproduce the problem:
  • Scroll down the scroller
  • Begin typing into text area field and use newlines.

The result that was expected:
  • Textarea would follow cursor.

The result that occurs instead:
  • After your text begins to pass visible area, the textarea does not follow properly. The lower in the page the textarea is, the greater the gap between the cursor position and the internal textarea scroller offset.

Screenshot or Video:

Debugging already done:
  • none

Possible fix:
  • not provided