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Thread: Is Sencha Touch (Charts) a Game Platform?

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    Default Unanswered: Is Sencha Touch (Charts) a Game Platform?

    I just started to do research on developing games with sencha touch 2.0, want to port my games into mobile devices. I have two questions:

    1. the sencha touch 2.0 has not too much on the image operation , animation , Does the Touch Chart need to be put in? it looks that touch Chart is good to develop game in Sencha Touch platform.

    2. I saw there is a demo TouchSolitaires. it is shows a good 2d behaviors in Sencha touch ,I would like know what the Class structure is in it, how many classes has been used. Is this game in the open source concept? or somewhere I can get the source codes.


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    TouchSolitaire was made with ST1 before touch charts 1 was released.

    Technically anything is a game platform just depends on if it fits your needs. With CSS3 you can animated things in a 3D realm and with the draw package in touch charts you can draw images programmatically.
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    I would say it depends on the type of game you are attempting to make. If it's a game that requires menus, data, and not that much graphical bliss... then Sencha would be a good fit.

    Not to say you can't really do anything with any platform, if you wanted to make a 3D shooter using nothing but HTML5/CSS3 and Sencha it is probably possible. But you may have an easier time using tools that are geared for that type of thing. In fact it may be easier to port one of the many HTML5 browser game frameworks to mobile instead of the other way around.

    I've only messed with CraftyJS:
    Might be easier to port to mobile web, than to start with mobile web and port to game.

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