I'm trying the 4.1 RC 3 on our app and I can't get the 'tpl' config from button to work. It just seems to be ignored.

When I switch to 'renderTpl', the parameter is taken into account, but it does not give the desired effect.

Here is the code that crates the button and the template:

    var newBtn = Ext.create('Ext.button.Button', {
            tpl: this.buttonTemplate(),
            data: buttonConfig,

            baseCls: 'buttonAdminMenu',
            width: 245,
            height: 80,
            overCls : overCls,
//            cellCls: 'adminPanelCell',
            disabled: buttonConfig.disable,
            target: buttonConfig.target
        newBtn.on('click', this.onButtonClick, this);
        return newBtn;
    buttonTemplate: function(){
        if (!this.btnTemplate){
            this.btnTemplate = Ext.create('Ext.Template', [
               '<table style="height:100%;">',
                           '<td style="width:20%;text-align:center;vertical-align:middle;padding:10px !important">',
                               '<img src="{icon}" />',
                           '<td style="text-align:left;">',
                                   '<span style="font-weight:bold;line-height: 150%">{text}</span><br />{body}',
                                   '<span class="selector"></span>',
Please note that this code is fully working in 4.0.7, and nothing has changed for the 'tpl' config in the new api doc.