Hi All,

I am relatively new two sencha touch 2 development,
I want to create the tabpanel which will be shown throughout the application. I created the tappanel with 3 different tabs, Very tab will contains its views. say one of the tab is 'settings'. Settings page contains the button 'Advance Settings'. By clicking the 'Advance Settings' button, i am trying to show new screen.
I am using
Ext.Viewport.setActiveItem({ xtype : 'adv-settgs-view'

But the problem is when adv-settgs-view is shown my bottom bar is no more visible.
i want my bottom bar to visible throughout the application. How can i achieve this?

Note : If i implement the xtype : 'tabbar' instead of tabpanel then it is visible, but the tabbar is private class of sencha touch2 which is not recommended to use.

Please suggest...

Please let me know if you requires any other information.