Sencha Architect 2.0.0 build 412

The api property on the Ajax Proxy serves to specify specific urls on CRUD action methods. Set through the property panel in Sencha Architect build 412, the object literal is interpreted and being incoporated in the generated code as a string. Which is invalid and leads Ext to ignore the api property & use the proxy url instead.

Introduce an object literal in Sencha Architect like

{ create: '/rest/usercreate.json',
read: '/rest/users.json'',
update : '/rest/userupdate.json',
destroy : '/rest/users.json'

Watch the underlying code and see how its being defined as the string:

'{ create: \'/rest/usercreate.json\',\n read: \'/rest/users.json\'\',\n update : \'/rest/userupdate.json\',\n destroy : \'/rest/users.json\'\n}'

Create, Update & Destroy actions are being ignored (the read is the default proxy url)
The fix is to manually edit the file, after which the API urls are being used correctly. This fix is not permanent as further editing of the Proxy will overwrite the customisation and restore the invalid string.

To correctly incorporate the API object literal as aforementioned literal and not a string literal