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Thread: Android AVD emulator not showing styles

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    Default Android AVD emulator not showing styles

    Having an issue where a Sencha Touch 2 app looks great in Chrome, but when opened using the Android AVD emulator the styles appear to be missing. This is just a simple form with a toolbar, a couple of text boxes, and a couple of buttons...basically a login form. When run in Chrome, everthing displays as you would expect, but when run in the emulator, all I get is a while screen with the text for the toolbar, text boxes, and buttons left justified. Has anyone ever run in to this? I've tried it on both a 2.2 emulator and a 4.0.3 emulator. I've even created the apk and put it on the phone...I get the same white screen with just the text. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!


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    How are you loading the CSS? Are you doing it via localhost or a relative path?
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