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Thread: My own style does not appear

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    Default My own style does not appear

    Hello guys. Really glad to be here
    I'm new to the Sehcha Touch.

    I'm following this guide: Theming Sencha Touch to start in theming.
    For now I have installed Ruby, Compass and can compile my own CSS-files from SCSS-file.
    I can see the changes in my compiled CSS-file doing them in SCSS-file. Everything works fine.

    But application is still taking the original CSS-file instead of my.
    I think I need to specify an application to get my CSS-file.
    Tell my please where I can do it?

    UPD: I wonder... maybe this guide is out of date?
    I found a folder named SCSS in RESOURCES-folder.
    It contains everything I need: config.rb and app.scss.
    I can overwrite original app.css by compiling SCSS-file in this folder.
    Is this correct way of theming?
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    You should go in the folder with the config.rb file and compass compile it. You should make your CSS changes in the app.scss or add additional scss file and include them in app.scss.

    Say you have _ui.scss (notice the prefixed underscore) then in your app.scss you can include it:

    @import 'ui';
    If you have _ui.scss saved within a directory named custom then you can include it:

    @import 'custom/ui';
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