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Thread: list not refreshing with new data

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    Default list not refreshing with new data

    i am currently working with an app which uses lists dependent on another list. once an option in the first list has been chosen, then the second list uses this variable to get the data for the next list. but when retrieving the second lists data, the server takes a few seconds to respond with the new data. i am currently doing this by setting the proxy with a newly set url with the corrent information.

    now when you click on the second list the first time, it can take the value and send it to the server, retrieve it, and show it in the list properly, but the second time around, it tends to have the previously retrieved data. i have tried to do a list.refresh() on the list on the 'load' event on the store, but it still doesnt seem to take the newly retrieved data and refresh it. is this a bug, and if not, what possibilities are there to fix this?

    thanks in advance!

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    Are you sure the store you are changing is the one bound to the list?
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