Now that 4.1 is released, we're upgrading all of our applications from 4.0.7. I'll keep track of things I notice here, and eventually include our compatibility layer.

  • isVisible(): returns false if the component is not rendered. Did not take that into consideration in 4.0.7. Affects menu items that have show() or hide() called before the menu is shown.
  • get(): If you are manually setting a component's el, you will need to update Ext.cache with the new dom for that element. Otherwise it will pull the original el.dom based on the id.
  • groupHeaderTpl: The parameter parent passed in by the XTemplate is just an empty object. Use values instead. (EXTJSIV-6050)
  • collapse() and expand(): When used with a locking grid, this component needs to be created through the ftype rather than Ext.create(). (Bug)

  • floatParent and ownerCt: these properties no longer exists. It is now ownerButton?.