When I set up a native Adroid app with Sencha Touch 2, I get a blank white screen on the device before the index.html is displayed and no splash Image. I used the SDK Tools to create the app and tested this on multiple android devices.
I have tired different Approaces:
To speed up loading, i passed a empty css file --> no difference
I removed everything besides the microloader from the index.html
Someone suggested using a background Image in the index.html --> no difference, index.html is displayed after the white screen.
I have also inspected the generated apk file which actually contains the default splash images.

Test enviroment:
Windows 7 x64
java 7 x64
Android SDK API lvl 7 installed (since the build tool only generates apps for API lvl 7)
Sencha SDK Tools 2.0.0beta3
Sencha touch 2.0.1
Steps to reproduce the issue:
sencha app create name /path

set Android sdk path in packager.json
set platform to "Android" in packager.json

sencha app build native
My top priority would be to remove the white screen if possible, or at least turn it black.
Also I wonder if it is possible to cover it up with a splash Image, like on iOS?
Somehow it seems possible, i have seen it in the Mensa app in the Android AppStore.