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Thread: Create jsb not working

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    Default Create jsb not working

    I have my app running in Safari without any problems. I am trying to create the jsb file so I can build the app for production.

    When I issue this command:

    sencha create jsb -a http://path/to/my/app/index.html -p app.jsb3

    I get the following:
    Sencha Command v2.0.0 for Sencha Touch 2
    Copyright (c) 2012 Sencha Inc.

    sencha [module] [action] [arguments...]

    sencha fs minify --from app.js --to app-minified.js --compressor closurecompiler

    Available modules:

    app Resolve application dependencies and build for production
    fs A set of useful utility actions to work with files. Most commonly used actions are: concat, minify, delta
    manifest Extract class metadata
    test Unit testing using Jasmine
    generate Automates the generation of projects and files
    package Packages a Sencha Touch 2 application for native app stores

    For more information on a specific module, simply type:
    sencha [module]

    For example:
    sencha fs

    For more information on a specific action of a specific module, simply type:
    sencha [module] [action]

    For example:
    sencha fs minify

    What am I doing wrong?

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    Using Sencha Command you don't need to create a JSB.

    sencha app build production
    Or the other builds other than production like testing does not need a JSB file created. Follow this guide for building a ST2 app using Sencha Command:!/guide/command
    Mitchell Simoens @LikelyMitch
    Sencha Inc, Senior Software Engineer
    Learn BBCode and use it! Checkout the CODE tag!

    Check out my GitHub, lots of nice things for Ext JS and Sencha Touch

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