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Can somebody put an example?
Here's one of my examples that I have in an override:
Ext.define('UP8.view.override.CertificateInfoPanel', {
    override: 'UP8.view.CertificateInfoPanel',
    tpl: [
        '<div class="cert-detail">',
        '<tpl for=".">',
        '<div class="cert-detail-info">',
        '<div style="text-align: center; width: 100%;">',
        '<img class="largecert" src="' + UP8.config.cdn + 'image/certimage/{certificateID}/full">',
        '<tpl if="certStatus &gt; 0">',                
        '<tpl if="certStatus == 1"><table class="cert-status-warning"><tr><td><img src="resources/icons/exclamation.png" style="vertical-align: absmiddle;"></td></tpl>',
        '<tpl if="certStatus == 2"><table class="cert-status-expired"><tr><td><img src="resources/icons/minus-circle.png" style="vertical-align: absmiddle;"></td></tpl>',        
        UP8.lang.CL_HeaderIssuedOn + ': <b>{date_issued:date(UP8.lang.LocaleDateFormat)}</b><br>',
        UP8.lang.CL_HeaderCertificateID + ': <b>{certificateID}</b><br>',
        UP8.lang.CL_HeaderIssuedBy + ': <b>{pfirstname} {plastname}, {company_name}</b><br><br>',
        '<tpl if="downloadCert">',
        '<a href="' + UP8.config.backend + 'certs/getpdf/{certificateID}">',
        '<img src="' + UP8.config.static_cdn + 'resources/icons/Files-21.png" border=0 style="vertical-align: middle; padding-right: 10px;">' + UP8.lang.CL_DownloadCertificate,
        '<tpl if="certDLfilename != \'\'">', 
        '<img src="' + UP8.config.static_cdn + 'resources/icons/Files-6.png" border=0 style="vertical-align: top; padding-right: 10px; float:left;">',
        '<a href="' + UP8.config.backend + 'certs/getfile/{certificateID}" target="_blank">{certDLfilename}</a>',
        '<br><div class="cert-detail-qr">',
        '<div style="text-align: center;">',
        '<img src="' + UP8.config.backend + 'certs/qrcode/{certificateID}">',
        UP8.lang.CL_QRCode_Info + '<br>',
However, I tend to move more and more to using Process Configs for such stuff. Historically, overrides were your friends when you could not use Sencha Architect to create complex configurations. With 2.2 we got Process Config that does the same without the overhead of defining an override and I have moved most of the overrides into process configs in my projects.