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Thread: FormPanel FileUpload Timeout Issue in IE

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    Default FormPanel FileUpload Timeout Issue in IE

    I have seen lots of POSTs regarding FormPanel/FileUpload issues in IE. I believe the issue I am having falls into one of these issues yet I have not been able to resolve my issue using a number of the suggested solutions.

    I have a formPanel (fileupload attribute set) and I upload a file. After 30 seconds, on IE ONLY, the connection is severed and I get no response back. I am sure it is a timeout as it is very very consistent at the 30 second mark that control is returned to my code and the response is empty. If the upload is small and takes less than 30 seconds, it works fine. The upload also works fine in Firefox and Chrome: no timeout error at all. We are using Ext 3.2

    Any suggestions of fixes or troubleshooting tips would be greatly appreciated:

    Here is a distilled version of the code doing the upload. As you can see I have tried setting the timeout at various levels with no success.
    this.uploadWindow = new Ext.Window({
                layout: 'fit',
                id: 'upload-window',
                width: 550,
                height: 230,
                plain: true,
                bodyStyle: 'padding:5px;',
                modal: true,
                closeAction: 'hide',
                timeout: 1200,
                title: 'fileuploadtitle',
                items: [new Ext.form.FormPanel({
                    //frame: true,
                    id: 'upload-form',
                    fileUpload: true,
                    url: 'fileupload.asp',
                    bodyStyle: 'padding:10px; border-style: none',
                    timeout: 1200,
                    items: [
                        new Ext.form.FileUploadField({
                            name: 'file',
                            id: 'file-uploader',
                            fieldLabel: 'upload label',
                            width: 300
                    buttons: [{
                        text: 'upload button',
                        handler: function () {
                                    success: uploadPage.handleUploadSuccess.createDelegate(uploadPage),
                                    failure: uploadPage.handleUploadFailure.createDelegate(uploadPage),

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    Have you tried 3.4 to see if this corrects your problem?


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