This post will grow over time to include the answer to most commonly asked questions.

1. I'm getting no screen after opening or starting a new project. What should I do?

This should no longer be an issue and has been resolved in build 439

2. How do I use the SDK Tools V2 Beta 3 with Sencha Architect 2?

see this thread

3. Where can I download example applications?

4. Where is the documentation center?

5. I'm having problems with Store.load() ... Store.sync() in the latest version of Touch 2.0.1

see this thread.

6. I'm having issues activating my Trial of Sencha Architect 2

To troubleshoot your problem, start by making sure you can connect to our activation server.

a. open this link to check if your computer is able to establish a connection with our servers. If it's working correctly, it will show something like

{"success": true,"msg": "working"}