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Thread: CAUTION - 2.0.1 Final

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    Default CAUTION - 2.0.1 Final

    If your considering updating from 2.0.0 or 2.0.1rc to 2.0.1 final, be aware that a lot of basic functionality is now broken. I specifically referring to bugs TOUCH-2830, 2833, and 2841.

    Select fields, stores, and using text fields on an iOS device are broken. There are posted fixes to most of them if you are willing to work at it.

    Hate to go negative, but the obvious lack of testing, is causing me to consider going a different route. I understand beta and being on the cutting edge, but this is several steps back and a few forward.

    How about at lest testing releases with kitchen sink examples?

    From going from version 1.0 to where we are now I ask, will this ever be stable enough for production?

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    Please post links if you refer to bugs.

    The following store bug is critical, so I think the next release will be out shortly:

    As a programmer you know: even if you do your best, things can go wrong.

    Maybe Sencha will add and deliver their own first example using localstorage so bugs like this could be found easier if they have no unittests yet.

    Using localstorage is always risky:

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