Hi all,

I've been coding Sencha for a while now, and most errors I get, I know how to fix. I also got around to know /learn a lot about the structure and basic functionality and strength of Sencha. However now I've hit a snag.

I have a big app, 4 controllers, 3 stores with models, and 23 views. and everything runs fine in the safari and chrome webbrowsers, and on the emulator. If however I compile it to an .APK with Eclipse, and than install that to my Samsung Nexus S the app opens fine, but the touchscreen is for some reason not working. I can press anywhere on the screen and nothing happens (in the emulator it did react to interaction, as it did in the browsers.).

I did some debugging and found no error messages/ warnings, and looking at the code I can't see errors. There is however an odd detail to this problem, because if I let the phone swich from 'Portrait' to 'Landscape' and back again, the app works fine. Because of all of this I have no clue as to where the error might be and it probably is a misplaced comma or something, but do you guys have any ideas as to how this can happen, and if so help me solve this problem. I would greatly apreciate it.

Kind Regards Tom

PS: If you need the files, please let me know so I can send them to you (attaching them would make this message way to long).