Hi sencha users,

please help me. im new in sencha architect 2 and in ext js4. im trying to develop a employee management webapplication. i just created the desgin.
1.first a viewport with fit layout
inside that viewport added a panel with border layout
inside that panel in the top region added some menu
2. create a new panel outside with name/id 'createemp' form contents for insertion
3. create a new panel outside with name/id 'editemp' with editing contents.

im attaching all the screen shots..
i want to know how i can call theses 2 panels(createemp and editemp) inside the centre region of main panel for corresponding menu button click ?
how can i pick the menu button click event, where i can write the function means in which js file ?

Attachment 34809Attachment 34810Attachment 34811Attachment 34812


pleae help me !!!
Thanks in advance