We are trying to evaluate extjs 4.x with Sencha Architecture v2.x (UI designer) for our in-house sales tracking system. We are able to design and develop each/single modules like user manager, item manager etc as an application for using designer.

However, in order to make entire application work - driven by menu or dashboard and opening each module/application in separate tab, we are not able to make out the appropriate approach. Are we expected to design entire application in single design file which I believe is not practical as we would have more than 50 modules and many UIs.

We want to have something like we have dashboard with tree menu on left and tabs opening on right. On menu click we create a tab (if it does not already added) and open application that was originally designed with designer. E.g. if user clicks on Sales order we open sales order tab and so on.

We wanted make sure that we do use designer with model, store. I would appreciate suggestion on reusability of components like models, stores etc.
Ref: http://blog.dnet-ebusiness-suite.com...-delivery.html