I've been using ExtJS for 5 years.
Recently in ExtJS v3.4.0 i've found an important bug. Particularly i use Ext.Direct but this issue affects all places where multiple asynchronous requests can be handled and returned from server in NOT SAME order as they were sent.
This problem arises as soon as you begin to navigate in ajax application too fast or server becomes to respond too slow. Then requests A, B, C can produce responses A, C, B. Store does not check if response matches last request sent. This results in situation when you requested one data, but got another one and don't even know about it.
I have some proposals how this can be fixed.
In case of Ext.Direct when you call javascript proxy method like YourApi.yourMethod(...) it returns undefined. But it can return transaction. DirectProxy then can save this as lastRequestTransaction property and when handling response check if its transaction id matches id of lastRequestTransaction.
I have been looking in ExtJS 4.1 and problem is still there. I'm surprised if no one else have seen this issue before?
Thank you.